Why You Shouldn’t Drinking Water From Your Garden Hose in Las Vegas


Getting a cold drink from the garden hose on a hot summer’s day might strike a chord of nostalgia in some people’s minds. It used to be the norm and you may hear people claiming they used to drink from the garden hose and they turned out just fine. However, you shouldn’t drink water from your garden hose anymore. Below, we detail a few reasons why.

Regulations and Awareness

“We used to do it all the time!” Isn’t a good reason to keep doing things. Doctors used to smoke in their exam rooms and people used to drive without seat belts. It’s true that people used to drink from the garden hose all the time however water out of the garden hose was different when they were growing up.

The FDA regulates water to help keep the public healthy and water from the garden hose just doesn’t make the cut anymore.

Cleanliness is an Issue

First of all, there are plenty of critters  and bacteria that can make camp in your garden hose since it lives outside or in a garage or shed all the time. Waterborne bacterial infections can be easily transmitted through the water flow of your hose. Water from the hose may also contain chemicals that may not otherwise be present in tap water or bottled water. Your hose itself is made up of plastics and heavy metals that should never be ingested. Small pieces of debris from the hose are easily dislodged and could end up making you very sick over time. The pipes that carry water to your hoses aren’t necessarily up to code for drinking water and can also carry toxins and other dangerous elements.


It might be convenient on a hot day to take a sip from the hose but think twice before indulging in this nostalgic activity. Contact us today to get Silver Springs water delivered to your home so you have clean, fresh water at your fingertips all summer long!

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