Key to Good Physical Health: the Acid-Alkaline Balance

The balance between acid and acid-alkaline diet is one of the foundations of good physical health. And yet, though most nutritionists and health professionals are aware of this, it is surprisingly little known among the general population.

This is a pity. The human body is composed of cells, and when it is predominantly alkaline, those cells functions better. Ideally, the body should be two-thirds alkaline, one-third acid; the average, especially in the West, is around 20% alkaline, 80% acid. A body which is predominantly acid ages more quickly, and is more prone to osteoporosis, rheumatism, arthritis, candida, insomnia, and even cancer. The bad news is that most modern diets and lifestyles, even relatively healthy ones, are acid-forming. The good news is that you can take steps right now to correct this.

Diet is key to a healthy acid-alkaline balance.

The refined sugars found in cookies, cakes, and chocolate are all acid-forming. You should also avoid sodas, coffee, alcoholic drinks, and even fruit juices. More surprisingly, many healthy foods increase the body’s acid content, including most animal produce, nuts (with the exception of almonds and chestnuts), grains (with the exception of millet and buckwheat), cranberries, plums, prunes, rhubarb, and, most surprising of all, milk and yogurt.

So what should you eat?

Pure honey alkalizes the body, though it should be eaten in moderation. Vegetables are mostly alkaline-forming, especially seaweed, parsley, watercress, cabbage, kale, broccoli, and carrot. Fruits are generally safe, but best of all are melons, oranges, grapefruit, dates, lemons, mangoes, and figs. Organic sea salt and green tea should also be added to your diet if possible.

However, a change in diet is not enough.

Your emotional state can also throw out the acid-alkaline balance. Chronic stress is very bad. Try yoga and meditation to relieve this, especially those forms that teach you to breathe deeply. Once you have learnt these deep-breathing techniques, practise them regularly. Deep breathing oxygenates the body and increases alkaline; the shallow breathing found among the chronically stressed, in contrast, leads to more carbon dioxide in the body and hence more acidity.

It may also be worth visiting your local health food store.

Most sell powdered formulas designed to re-balance the body. Look for one that contains organic, powdered spirulina, alfalfa, broccoli, and wheat grass. Sodium phosphate will also help. Rather than a multi-vitamin, you could try a multi-mineral supplement. Find one containing calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. If you dislike drinking green tea, you could also purchase green tea extract in tablet form.

Correcting the acid-alkaline imbalance isn’t difficult. As you can see from the advice offered above, the changes are relatively simple. It should also be stressed that you needn’t take this advice to an extreme. A little chocolate, or the occasional drink, won’t do you much harm. The key is to make small changes and stick to them.

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The Importance of Hydration on Aging in 2017

Eating a balanced diet that is packed full of nutrients is an essential part of senior health. However, the need for keeping well hydrated shouldn’t be overlooked either. Hydration is important for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, especially as the body ages, and it is integral to good health.

Why Seniors Need Adequate Hydration

There are several factors that make seniors more vulnerable to dehydration:

  • As we get older, the kidneys do not function as well and this affects the way the body regulates fluids.
  • Medications like blood pressure pills, which are commonly taken by elderly people, can also result in dehydration.
  • In seniors, the thirst response mechanism can be impaired so they don’t always recognize their need to drink.
  • A decline in cognitive function is a further reason why some seniors can get dehydrated.


Hydration on Aging in 2017 ; Hot Weather

Keeping hydrated in the hot weather is imperative, especially for seniors with an underlying health condition. Dehydration is one of the main reasons why mortality rates are higher among seniors during a heatwave; make sure a cold drink is always at hand. Another risk factor for dehydration in the summer is the fact that seniors often have an inability to tell if their body temperature is rising.

Improving Hydration Among Seniors

To reduce the chances of dehydration, make water readily available. This could be in the form of a ready filtered jug to reduce impurities, or you could buy bottled water. If you want to make sure there is always an ample supply of bottled water, use a delivery service; this is beneficial for older adults who might not be able to get to the store on a regular basis.

Remember to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet as they are naturally high in water and check that older relatives have easy access to teas and fruit teas, which all count towards fluid intake. However, limit caffeine as this can cause dehydration. If an elderly relative doesn’t like plain water, heavily dilute juice drinks or provide a flavoured water. Finally, encourage them to drink little and often so fluid intake is kept at optimum levels during the day.


The above tips should give you some ideas to improve hydration among seniors. Try a few ideas to optimize fluid intake so you can establish which ones work the best. Finally, make sure you are aware of symptoms like headaches or fatigue, which could indicate dehydration.

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The Benefits Of Giving Your Pets Alkaline Water

Plenty of consumers steer clear of tap water because of impurities or the chlorine taste but we don’t usually think twice about giving it to our pets. However, if you want a simple way of boosting their well-being it might be as easy as feeding your pet a healthier alternative to regular water. By giving them bottled alkaline water, you are reducing your pet’s exposure to heavy metals and chlorine, and there are other potential advantages too.

The Potential Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Pets

Although there have been some studies, there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence regarding the benefits of alkaline water for pets, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. Pet owners often comment on the improved condition of their pet’s fur and skin, which might be helpful in conditions like eczema, while others feel that their pets are more alert and energetic. There are possible health benefits as well, with some pet owners noting an improvement in common joint problems like arthritis. An alkaline diet is also thought to improve gastrointestinal well-being.

Feeding Your Pets Alkaline Water

Allow at least an hour after eating before giving your pet alkaline water. Also, if your pet is on medication this should not be given at the same time as feeding them ionized water. As a precaution, it is advisable to speak to your veterinarian first before changing your pet’s diet, especially if they have an underlying condition, a problem with urinary crystals or if they’re on medication.

Alkaline Water And Pet Care

Alkaline water can be used as part of general pet care. Some pet groomers extol the potential benefits of washing animals in ionised water as they say it results in a healthier coat. Alkaline water is also said to have a soothing effect if your pet is suffering from a skin condition. Another suggested use is bathing superficial cuts and scratches, but don’t try and manage an infection with alkaline water and don’t apply it to open wounds without getting advice first.


There’s been plenty written about the advantages of alkaline water. However, there is an ongoing debate as to whether it can promote animal health; many pet owners feel that it does. If you’re not sure if alkaline water is right for your pet, speak to your veterinarian first before changing their diet.

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Silver Springs is a water company in Las Vegas offering a range of products and services to residential and commercial clients. Our services include Planet Ion home delivery, and the supply of water coolers. To learn more about Silver Springs Water and our products/services, to place an order, or to learn more about the importance of water testing please visit our website today.

4 Of The Scariest Signs Of Dehydration

It is far too easy to get dehydrated. Our bodies regularly lose fluids through exercise, sweat, urinating, etcetera, and if this fluid isn’t replaced throughout the day, you could endanger your health. Some of the symptoms we develop when we need water, such as headaches and excessive thirst are signs we should all recognize. However, there are some scary symptoms that risk going ignored. Here are four to look out for.

1. Falling Blood Pressure

You aren’t likely to experience a fall in blood pressure until the body becomes severely dehydrated. However, when you do, it can contribute to some of the scarier symptoms, like feeling dizzy or light headed. If you experience any of these signs on a hot day and your water consumption has been low, it might be a sign your need to up your water intake.

2. Forgetfulness And Confusion

Forgetfulness and the inability to think clearly can be attributed to being overtired or having skipped a meal – but it could be a more serious symptom. When our bodies don’t get enough fluids, it has a serious impact on the way our brain functions, leading to foggy thinking and confusion. With the body deprived of the water it needs, you might also become more irritable and cranky.

3. Muscle Twitching

Adequate fluid is necessary to maintain normal electrolyte levels. When these are off balance, it can cause the body to malfunction in different ways. A common sign that electrolytes are out of sync can include muscle twitching, or you might notice painful cramps. This is a sign that you must act on – if you experience twitching or cramping and suspect dehydration, get water straight away.

4. Palpitations

Palpitations come in different forms; you might notice a faster or skipped heartbeat, which can be one of the most frightening signs that your body needs water. Without adequate fluid intake, your heart must work much harder and it is forced to pump more blood. An electrolyte imbalance can also cause these symptoms, so if you’ve been exercising hard, refuel with some water to see if it makes a difference.


The above symptoms could go identified as signs of dehydration, which is why they can be so dangerous. To help maintain good health, it is recommended that your drink at least six – eight glasses of water a day, but this will vary depending on your age and activity levels. If you experience any of the above symptoms, or you’re feeling faint, seek medical advice to confirm the cause.

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Silver Springs is a water company in Las Vegas offering a range of products and services. These include Planet Ion delivery and the supply of water coolers. To learn more about Silver Springs Water Las Vegas and our products/services, to place an order, or to learn more about the importance of water testing please visit our website today

How Much Should You Drink When Exercising?

Not drinking enough water when you exercise doesn’t just leave you in danger of dehydration, it can also impact on your performance. Research published in Sports Medicine reveals that our power, strength and endurance are all reduced by dehydration. But how much water do you need to optimize your exercise routine?

Hydration And Exercising

The amount of water you need will vary depending on the intensity of the exercise. However, you should also consider your height and weight, weather conditions and the environment your exercising in; medical conditions might also be a factor. In addition, men usually need more water than women, and if you’ve got a higher BMI, you’ll have increased water requirements.

Are You Getting Enough Water When Exercising?

This is where it gets confusing. There are several different guidelines regarding water and exercise. One general recommendation is to drink eight ounces of water about 30 minutes before you start exercising. It is then suggested you drink 16 ounces of water 30 minutes before the end of your session.

However, the National Hydration Council see things differently. The UK-based organization advise drinking water prior to exercise, to drink water at 20 minute intervals when exercising and to continue drinking water afterwards. If you’ll be exercising for an hour plus, they say to dilute juice with water or to have a sports drink. There are further recommendations in the form of a visual guide here.

The Benefits Of Drinking Water When Exercising

Keeping hydrated will reduce the stress on your heart as your exercise. Ensuring you have adequate water intake will also enhance your workout allowing, you to get more out of each session. Drinking enough water when exercising can also give you more energy.

Overhydration While Exercising

It is possible to drink too much when you exercise; this can cause similar symptoms to dehydration, like confusion, headaches and cramps. The variations in guidelines can make it tricky to get the right balance. However, use the way you feel as a guide, and if you experience any signs that indicate over or under hydration, then adjust your water intake accordingly.


Keeping your body fuelled with water can power your workouts. However, achieving the right fluid intake can be a challenge. Learn to assess your own body’s needs, consider the environment you’ll be exercising and the intensity to find the right balance for you.

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Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolution 2017

Weight-loss resolution 2017 are made by countless people on New Year’s Day. Some are able to faithfully stick to their plan, while others fall off the diet wagon long before the end of the month. Those who have trouble sticking to new diet and exercise goals often decide to jump ship, and they end up weighing more than they did on January 1st. When one tire goes flat on your vehicle would you purposely flatten all four tires? Of course not. Consider these ways to keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution, and get back on track. Weight-loss is a slow process, but it does not have to be emotionally or physically painful.
Update Your Resolution with a Realistic Plan

When seeking ways to keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution, rethink your original plan. When people have trouble reaching a weight-loss goal, more often than not the diet was too strict. Give yourself a little more leeway when it comes to snacks, and do not be too hard on yourself if you backpedal now and then. The word diet indicates a temporary change. Update your New Year’s weight-loss resolution for long-term success. It should be one that you can live with indefinitely, especially if you want long-lasting results.

Opt for Moderation Instead of Deprivation

Strict diets can be adhered to for a while, but they soon get old. Many people give up on their New Year’s weight-loss resolution because they feel deprived. They begin feeling sorry for themselves and go right back to mindlessly eating whatever looks good. Give yourself permission to have small daily treats. Opt for moderation instead of deprivation. A lifestyle change will be much easier when you do not feel denied. As long as you are not restricted because of a medical condition, you can have anything that you want within moderation.

Start Keeping a Calorie and Exercise Journal

Were you keeping track of your caloric intake and physical activities when you began losing confidence in your weight-loss plan? If not, you should be noting every calorie consumed and every physical activity. When considering calories, think of a checking account. Imagine your caloric intake as deposits and expended calories as debits, but unlike a checking account, excess credits are not good. Those that are not burned off will accumulate on the body in the form of fat. Determine how many calories you should consume each day, and start keeping a calorie and exercise journal. You will be able to see how many calories you are actually taking in and how active you really are. The journal will make it easier to make adjustments by increasing accountability. The numbers will not lie unless they are entered incorrectly.

Set Fun and Easy Exercise Goals

Exercise does not have to be painful or monotonous. It does not have to be strenuous to be effective either. When working to keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution, make it fun. You do not have to join a gym or an exercise class to achieve your goals. Consider buying an interactive game system and games that will encourage you to move. Even if it is too cold to head outdoors, you will burn calories while toning your muscles.
If an exercise game system does not sound ideal, just get up and move for at least 30 minutes each day. Walk briskly in place during television commercials, or dance to your favorite music while completing household chores. Buy an exercise DVD that looks like fun, and get a friend involved while working to keep your New Year’s weight-loss resolution. Any form of movement is better than inactivity. The goal is to burn calories and lose weight, but a fit and toned body is a highly desirable bonus.

Drink More Water

The easiest and quickest way to boost your metabolism is to drink more water. Silver Springs Water provides a no contract, easily scheduled water delivery to San Diego and Las Vegas home and businesses. Ensuring you drink your 64oz of water a day will keep your full and your digestion working at an optimal rate.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of our Water Delivery products, please click here.

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Fitness and Health While Pregnant

Bеfоrе уоu ѕtаrt аnу еxеrсіѕе рrоgrаm during рrеgnаnсу іt іѕ еѕѕеntіаl that уоu соnѕult wіth уоur hеаlthсаrе рrоvіdеr. Fоr ѕоmе wоmеn іt mау bе mоrе dаngеrоuѕ thаn bеnеfісіаl tо еxеrсіѕе during рrеgnаnсу.

Improved mental hеаlth. Exеrсіѕе саn lоwеr ѕtrеѕѕ аnd іmрrоvе уоur еmоtіоnаl hеаlth, mаkіng іt еаѕіеr fоr уоu tо gеt thrоugh thе nеw еxреrіеnсе оf bесоmіng а mоthеr. Exеrсіѕе саn аlѕо hеlр wіth wеіght mаnаgеmеnt аftеr the сhіld hаѕ bееn bоrn. A соmmоn соnсеrn wіth mоѕt mоthеrѕ іѕ thе wеіght thеу lоѕе аftеr рrеgnаnсу. Durіng рrеgnаnсу, еxеrсіѕе саn mаkе роѕtраrtum wеіght lоѕѕ еаѕіеr.

Gооd сhоісеѕ fоr еxеrсіѕе during рrеgnаnсу аrе wаlkіng, ѕwіmmіng, ѕtаtіоnаrу bіkе rіdіng, lоw іmрасt аеrоbісѕ аnd оf соurѕе рrеnаtаl еxеrсіѕе сlаѕѕеѕ. Kеgеl оr реlvіс flооr еxеrсіѕеѕ аrе аlѕо rесоmmеndеd аѕ during рrеgnаnсу аn еnоrmоuѕ ѕtrаіn іѕ рlасеd оn thе реlvіс flооr whісh саn lеаd tо іnсоntіnеnсе роѕt рrеgnаnсу іn аddіtіоn tо grеаtlу rеduсеd ѕеxuаl ѕеnѕіtіvіtу.

Uѕе уоur hеаrt rаtе аѕ уоur еxеrсіѕе guide. Tо сhесk уоur hеаrt rаtе, соunt уоur рulѕе fоr 10 ѕесоndѕ аftеr уоu ѕtор еxеrсіѕіng аnd multірlу thіѕ numbеr bу 6 tо оbtаіn thе numbеr оf bеаtѕ реr mіnutе. Thіѕ ѕhоuld bе uѕеd tо mоnіtоr уоur bоdуѕ rеѕроnѕе tо еxеrсіѕе. Enѕurе уоu rеmаіn wіthіn 60-65% оf уоur mаxіmum hеаrt rаtе.

Thе dіffеrеnсе еxеrсіѕе during рrеgnаnсу саn mаkе fоr уоur роѕt-раrtum rесоvеrу іѕ аmаzіng. Agаіn, I саn tеll уоu frоm fіrѕthаnd еxреrіеnсе, that а соmfоrtаblе аnd rеаѕоnаblе fіtnеѕѕ rоutіnе (ѕіmрlе wаlkіng іѕ tеrrіfіс) саn hеlр уоur bоdу ‘ѕnар bасk’ lіkе nоthіng еlѕе.

Aѕ реr а rеѕеаrсh, wоrkіng оut оr mіld еxеrсіѕе during рrеgnаnсу hеlрѕ іn rеduсіng bасkасhеѕ аnd ѕwеllіng оf аnklеѕ, аnd соnѕtіраtіоn, which аrе ѕоmе оf thе mоѕt соmmоn рrоblеmѕ fасеd bу рrеgnаnt wоmеn. In аddіtіоn, іt аlѕо gіvеѕ еnеrgу аnd mаkеѕ уоu fееl frеѕh.

If уоu wеrе еxеrсіѕіng bеfоrе уоu bесаmе рrеgnаnt, уоu саn соntіnuе уоu rоutіnе іf іt’ѕ lіght оn уоur bоdу. Dеfіnіtеlу уоu ѕhоuld соnѕult уоur рhуѕісіаn јuѕt tо mаkе ѕurе thаt еvеrуthіng іѕ fіnе. Thеrе аrе сеrtаіn соndіtіоnѕ оf the рrеgnаnсу when уоu wіll bе tоld bу уоur dосtоr nоt tо dо аnу еxеrсіѕеѕ during рrеgnаnсу. If уоu dоn’t соnѕult уоur dосtоr, уоu mау nоt оnlу hаrm уоurѕеlf but mау rіѕk the lіfе оf уоur bаbу аѕ wеll.

Mаіntаіnіng gооd hеаlth іѕ оnе оf the mоѕt іmроrtаnt bеnеfіtѕ оf еxеrсіѕе during рrеgnаnсу аѕ іt саn аlѕо hеlр уоu tо bе lеѕѕ оvеrсоmе bу the асhеѕ аnd раіnѕ that саn ассоmраnу рrеgnаnсу. Thе mоrе fіt аnd tоnеd уоur muѕсlеѕ, the bеttеr аblе уоu’ll bе tо ѕuрроrt the еxсеѕѕ wеіght уоu’rе саrrуіng wіthоut іt bесоmіng а ѕtrugglе.

If уоu wеrе vеrу рhуѕісаllу асtіvе bеfоrе уоur рrеgnаnсу, уоu саn соntіnuе уоur еxеrсіѕе рrоgrаm, wіth ѕоmе mоdіfісаtіоnѕ, during уоur рrеgnаnсу. If уоu wеrе nоt рhуѕісаllу асtіvе bеfоrе, but wаnt tо еxеrсіѕе during уоur рrеgnаnсу, ѕtаrt ѕlоw аnd dоn’t trу tо ассоmрlіѕh tоо muсh іn tоо ѕhоrt а tіmе.

Durіng рrеgnаnсу, wоmеn оftеn gеt mіѕlеd bуthe fаlѕе nоtіоn оf eating fоr two. Although, іt’ѕ true уоu’ll nееd those еxtrа саlоrіеѕ during уоur рrеgnаnсу, уоu muѕt аіm аt gеttіng those еxtrа саlоrіеѕ wіth hеаlthіеr fооd сhоісеѕ. Thе bеѕt thіng аbоut mаkіng wіѕе сhоісеѕ оf hеаlthу fооd tо еаt while рrеgnаnt іѕ that mоѕt оf these fооdѕ аrе rеаllу tаѕtу.

Yоu muѕt аvоіd аnуthіng that іnvоlvеѕ bоunсіng, gеttіng уоur hеаrt rаtе uр tоо hіgh оr thе роѕѕіbіlіtу оf fаllіng. Nоn-соntасt ѕроrtѕ аrе оkау tо соntіnuе wіth аѕ lоng аѕ уоu dоn’t оvеrеxеrt уоurѕеlf аnd уоu аrе еxtrеmеlу саrеful wіth уоur bоdу. If уоu еnјоу јоggіng, thіѕ іѕ grеаt tо соntіnuе. But rеmеmbеr that уоu ѕhоuldn’t јоg mоrе than two mіlеѕ реr dау during рrеgnаnсу.

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Save Energy by Using Hot Water Dispensers

Tired of waiting for the kettle to boil before you can enjoy your cup of coffee? Consider installing a hot water dispenser in your kitchen, and save time and energy costs. Kettles use more energy than hot water dispensers, and water is wasted every time the kettle is emptied and refilled with fresh water.

Hot water dispensers can be rented through Silver Springs Water, or you can invest in purchasing a Silver Springs Water portable hot water dispenser. One of the benefits of a hot water dispenser is the immediate access to hot water whenever you need it. In addition, hot water dispensers use less energy than kettles and there is no wastage of water.
Filtered water is heated up when passing through the hot water dispenser, and no hot water is stored. Boiling water spilled from a kettle can cause burns and damage to working surfaces. Kettles are especially dangerous when there are young children in the house. Homeowners can limit the risks associated with boiling water by replacing a kettle with a hot water dispenser.

It is easy to install a hot water dispenser, and they can add a professional feel to your kitchen. The placement of a hot water dispenser will depend on the type of dispenser that you want to install. Portable hot water dispensers can be placed on any surface with enough available space. Make sure that children are not able to easily reach the hot water dispenser to prevent the accidental release of hot water.

Have a look at available hot water dispensers on the market, and consider installing one in your kitchen. Hot water dispensers allow immediate access to hot water, cause less wastage, use less energy and are safer to use. In addition, there is no build up of lime scale or calcium. Kettles take longer to boil water and eventually stop working due to the build -up of lime scale and calcium.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of our Hot Water Dispenser products, please click here.

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For Better Health Just Drink Water

Water is essential for all life on earth; the earth itself is over seventy percent water, and the human body is over sixty percent water. We all know that water is important for our health and well-being, and that we couldn’t live without it. We all know for better health just drink water. This brings up an interesting question, though: why is it that most of us don’t drink enough of the water that we need?

We all know that staying hydrated is necessary for our health and wellness, yet the majority of people in America aren’t getting enough water. According to Medical Daily, chronic dehydration effects about seventy-five percent of the American population. Chronic dehydration is a huge problem, and it’s one that can have a vastly negative impact on your health.

Many people believe that the first sign of dehydration is thirst. Actually, thirst is only one of many signals that your body sends to your brain to indicate that you’re dehydrated. By the time you actually feel thirsty, you’re probably dehydrated already. The first signals that your body sends to your brain are less obvious than thirst; these signals can be body aches or a slight headache, feeling listless, or having trouble concentrating. While we often attribute these symptoms to other causes, usually they all stem from the same problem: dehydration.

Because your body is so dependent on water to function, dehydration can cause problems in literally every area of your physical health. The main things effected by water loss are your internal organs. When it doesn’t have enough water to distribute to every system, your body will take water from lower priority organs and transfer it to higher priority organs to protect them. One of the first organs to be affected is the colon. The body pulls water from the colon and transports it to organs that are more important for your survival: such as the heart, the brain, and the lungs. This is often the cause of constipation; without enough water to transport waste effectively, the colon simply slows the process down. If you suffer from this very common problem, you may not need to invest in laxatives; it’s possible that you are simply suffering from a symptom of chronic dehydration.

The colon isn’t the only organ that is impaired by dehydration. The liver and kidneys suffer as well. What do all of these organs have in common? All of them are responsible for flushing toxins and waste products from the body. When they aren’t able to function properly due to dehydration, toxins build up inside the body and leave you feeling tired, run-down, and sick. Drinking more water won’t just help certain organs to work better, it will improve your overall health and well-being as well.

Another aspect of your health effected by dehydration is your mental health. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that your brain is made up mostly of water – any dehydration will have a negative impact on its function. While it’s easy to blame mental fatigue and concentration problems on stress, these symptoms are often a result of dehydration. Without enough water to keep your mental systems running, you may feel irritable, groggy, or even have mild memory loss.
Individuals with depression and anxiety will benefit from better hydration also. While drinking more water certainly won’t cure these disorders, it can make a big difference in easing the symptoms and encouraging better overall health.

Drinking more water will improve the way you feel both mentally and physically, and can help alleviate a wide array of health concerns.

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Silver Springs San Diego offers water delivery services, water coolers and equipment. We deliver chemical free water direct to your home/premises, on a no contract basis. If you have concerns over the water purity in your area, consider using our tap water testing products.

The Latest Sports Water Technology

Doctors in the US suggest that up to seventy-five percent of people in the country are not drinking enough water to be optimally hydrated. This is certainly an alarming number and points to a lack of awareness around how much water needs to be imbibed each day.

We have long been informed that we should all be drinking eight cups of water per day. The problem with this is that the amount of fluid that needs to be imbibed actually varies depending on the temperature, what you are doing, and even on genetic factors.

What does it actually mean to be dehydrated? Here are some of the effects of not drinking enough fluid:

  • Fatigue and tiredness,
  • Irritability,
  • Difficulty concentrating and taking in information,
  • Cloudy memory.


A High Tech Solution To The Problem Of Dehydration

It is all well and good to tell people that they should be drinking enough water each day to remain hydrated, but people have busy lives and they don’t always remember to drink. Some people take water bottles to their place of work to remind them, but the truth – as indicated by the statistic already mentioned – is that most people forget to drink enough. This is where new water bottle technology can help.

As fitness bands and fitness tracking applications have become more popular, it was only a matter of time before the Pryme Vessyl high tech water bottle was made. By using this product, anyone can easily track how much water they have had from the bottle, and how hydrated they are.

Once the user’s vital statistic have been entered into the device, the inbuilt hydration software determines how much water the user needs to have each day and actually tracks when water is drunk by the user. This high tech water bottle also connects with popular fitness applications so it can modify water intake based on the user’s daily activity.

If you need to drink more water, why not check out the Prime Vessyl? You can always fill it with our Lemon Power Water if you feel like you need a kick-start!