Why You Shouldn’t Drinking Water From Your Garden Hose in Las Vegas


Getting a cold drink from the garden hose on a hot summer’s day might strike a chord of nostalgia in some people’s minds. It used to be the norm and you may hear people claiming they used to drink from the garden hose and they turned out just fine. However, you shouldn’t drink water from your garden hose anymore. Below, we detail a few reasons why.

Regulations and Awareness

“We used to do it all the time!” Isn’t a good reason to keep doing things. Doctors used to smoke in their exam rooms and people used to drive without seat belts. It’s true that people used to drink from the garden hose all the time however water out of the garden hose was different when they were growing up.

The FDA regulates water to help keep the public healthy and water from the garden hose just doesn’t make the cut anymore.

Cleanliness is an Issue

First of all, there are plenty of critters  and bacteria that can make camp in your garden hose since it lives outside or in a garage or shed all the time. Waterborne bacterial infections can be easily transmitted through the water flow of your hose. Water from the hose may also contain chemicals that may not otherwise be present in tap water or bottled water. Your hose itself is made up of plastics and heavy metals that should never be ingested. Small pieces of debris from the hose are easily dislodged and could end up making you very sick over time. The pipes that carry water to your hoses aren’t necessarily up to code for drinking water and can also carry toxins and other dangerous elements.


It might be convenient on a hot day to take a sip from the hose but think twice before indulging in this nostalgic activity. Contact us today to get Silver Springs water delivered to your home so you have clean, fresh water at your fingertips all summer long!

Boost Your Weight Loss

Three Secrets to Boost Your Weight Loss

It might seem to boos your weight loss is just about exercising and counting calories, but sometimes you can hit a plateau despite your best efforts.  Fortunately, there are small, relatively easy things you can do to boost your weight loss.  Adding the following strategies to your weight loss plan can help you to get back on track and shed those pesky pounds with seemingly little effort.

Take a Cinnamon Supplement


Supplementing with cinnamon is an effortless way to melt away fat.  In a 2006 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, people lost a significant amount of body fat after taking a cinnamon supplement for 12 weeks. A similar study in a 2017 edition of Lipids in Health and Disease found that when people supplemented with cinnamon for 16 weeks, their body mass indexes significantly decreased when compared to people who took a placebo.  You can buy a bottle of cinnamon pills, or sprinkle cinnamon in your coffee or on a piece of toast to add this spice to your diet.

Drink Water Before Meals


If you fill up with a glass of water before eating a meal, you probably won’t feel as hungry and will be less likely to overeat. The research supports this notion.  In a 2010 study in the journal Obesity, subjects who consumed about 16 ounces of water before every meal lost approximately four pounds more than those who did not drink water before meals did during a 12-week diet. Most standard bottled waters are about 16 ounces.  Drink a bottle before sitting down for a meal, and you might notice yourself quickly shedding excess weight.

Eat the Right Foods


Often when dieting, people worry about all the things they can’t eat, but it might be beneficial to focus instead on the things you can, such as certain foods linked to weight loss. Most people gain weight over time as they age, but a 2011 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and yogurt was linked to weight loss over a four-year period.   Be sure to fill your shopping cart with these foods at the grocery store.

Stocking up on slimming foods can help you to shrink your waistline.  Combine this with other simple strategies, such as drinking water and taking a cinnamon supplement, and it will be easier to meet your weight-loss goals.


Living with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

You’ve been experiencing frequent heartburn that just won’t go away, and a trip to the doctor’s office has confirmed that you have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). While relieved to finally have a diagnosis, you may also be at a loss for clues to what comes next.

GERD is caused by stomach acid backing up into your esophagus, a condition known as “acid reflux.” This acid back-up is at the root of all your discomfort, which may show up not only as heartburn but also as a burning sensation in your throat, discomfort in your chest, and a sour stomach.

Your doctor probably will prescribe a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) or an H2 antagonist, both of which are usually effective in reducing the amount of acid your stomach produces. Of course, while a prescription regimen may ease some patients’ symptoms, it may not eliminate them completely. If this is the case, you may consider also making some simple lifestyle changes that can make the difference between feeling sick and miserable or being healthy and happy.

As with many gastrointestinal disorders, one the first challenges in living with GERD is learning to adjust your diet. Foods that are highly acidic, such as tomatoes and citrus fruits, are to be avoided, as are onions, peppers, fried foods, and foods high in fat. Other foods that you should avoid or eat sparingly aren’t quite as obvious, such as dairy products, caffeinated beverages, chocolate, and alcohol. In addition to asking your doctor about how to regulate your diet, you also can find a wealth of information, both in print and online, regarding what foods are safer bets, as well as great recipes created especially for those with GERD.

While not all doctors endorse it, many GERD sufferers claim to have had considerable success combating their symptoms by taking a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar daily. Why this natural remedy might offer relief is not known for sure, but one theory is that the vinegar’s alkaline properties act to reduce the stomach acid. At any rate, there is little to risk and everything to gain, since a tablespoon of vinegar once a day is not likely to hurt anyone. If you have a hard time swallowing this remedy, many of its proponents suggest adding some honey to combat the bitter taste or mixing it into a glass of water.

Almost as important as what you eat is how you eat. You should adjust your eating habits so that you are eating smaller portions at each sitting, even if it means eating more frequently. It’s also a good idea to eat your last meal of the day at least three hours prior to going to sleep.

Many who are plagued by GERD struggle to get a full night’s rest due to discomfort which can keep even the most exhausted individual awake, and in turn, sap their energy for the next day. Also, to keep stomach acid from advancing up the esophagus, you might consider investing in a wedge pillow or elevating the head of your bed so that you are not lying completely flat when sleeping. Lastly, if you wear nightclothes to bed, make sure they are loose fitting, as tight clothes can aggravate reflux.

In addition to adjusting eating and sleeping habits, people who suffer from GERD should try to maintain a healthy weight, avoid smoking, and drink alcohol only in moderation (if at all). Excess weight, smoking, and drinking alcohol can all intensify the symptoms of GERD.

While there is no quick fix for GERD, with proper medication, a focused diet, and lifestyle changes, it is possible to manage the condition. People suffering from the effects of GERD should talk to their physician to best decide what nutrition and lifestyle changes can be implemented to help alleviate the discomfort of living with GERD.



Hot Water Teas

3 Hot Water Teas That Stop Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is extremely uncomfortable, making it something you’ll want to cure as quickly as possible when it arises. While there is a wide range of medications and products available for the treatment of stomach discomfort, there are also many natural solutions you can use, such as teas. Here are three simple teas you can use to stop stomach pain its tracks.

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Living a Long and Healthy Life Starts with Water!

When it comes to living a long and healthy life, little changes can make all the difference.

Like starting each morning with a healthy breakfast and a glass of water.

This will jump-start your metabolism and give you energy throughout the day. Start with Silver Springs Water for a Better Life!

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Natural Detoxification: Allowing Your Body To Heal Itself

In our modern society, we are bombarded daily by chemical pollution. Compounds foreign to our body’s normal biochemistry produce symptoms of chemical toxicity, most notably a breakdown in the function of our immune system and damage to the nervous system. It can take years of exposure before toxins build up and symptoms become apparent. Natural Detoxification could be an answer to turn things around.

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The Detox Diet

The Detox Diet and Detoxification is becoming increasingly important in a world filled with various pollutants, dangerous chemicals, and other poisonous substances that not only affect the air we breathe, but regularly infiltrate our food and water supply.  Detox diets work on a cellular level to clear out years of toxic build-up and help the excretory system become efficient again.  Detoxifying through diet positions the body for easier weight loss, enables the immune system to better recovery from sickness, and restores proper brain function, as well.

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Skincare Tips for Older Women

Skincare Tips for Older Women – Give Your Complexion a Hand with Water Delivery

Despite what some of the more excitable advertisements may claim, there’s no miracle cream that can turn back the clock and keep your skin looking eternally youthful. However, that’s not to say that you have to accept ever-increasing numbers of wrinkles and lines as the years pass. Taking good care of your skin and using a few techniques to slow down the effects of aging will let your natural beauty shine through, whatever your age.

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Five New Year Resolutions So Easy, You Can Do Them Today – and You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Over 60% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions every year. Whether we want to eat less sugar, lose weight, exercise or read instead of watching television, few of us find ourselves in the 8% of people that actually succeed. Life gets in the way. Kids get sick, the spouse has to work late, and the latest episode of The Walking Dead is nothing without ice cream.

It hurts to break promises, even if the promises that we make are only to the person in the mirror. Everybody wonders if there are easy resolutions that require little work and can yield improvements from day-to-day.  Check out these five resolutions – and don’t be surprised to find that you can actually keep them!

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Your Way to Happiness – Drink More Water

Everyone knows that a brisk walk, or a coffee with friends will lift their mood, yet surprisingly few are aware that a change in diet could do the same. So instead of reaching for the tranquillizers or antidepressants, try drinking water or any of the following:

1) Drink more water.

Few people drink as much water as they should. But adequate water intake is vital for hormonal function and stable blood sugar levels. It is also needed by the liver in breaking down and excreting toxins; the build-up of such toxins is often at the root of depression.

2) Reduce the amount of dairy you consume.

Excessive calcium intake unbalances the body’s magnesium levels, which can lead to depression. Many people are also slightly intolerant to dairy produce, though they go through life quite unaware of this. But eating foods to which you have an intolerance will lower your mood and throw out your sleeping patterns.

3) Cut junk food out of your diet.

The more donuts, pizzas, burgers, and fizzy drinks you consume, the more strain you place on your liver and detox system. When this system becomes strained, the liver grows sluggish and toxins find their way into the bloodstream. In turn, this interferes with healthy brain function and lowers mood.

4)  Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Try to make the bulk of your diet raw fruits and vegetables. If possible, buy organic. Not only do fruits and vegetables contain the nutrients vital for a healthy body, they also contain dietary fibre, which will control blood glucose levels, crucial for a stable, healthy mood.

5) Increase the fatty acids in your diet.

These specialised fats, found in oily fish, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, help the brain cells function at their best. The omega 3 fats also slow down the absorption of sugar, thus stabilizing blood sugar levels.

6) Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet.

When people feel tired or low, they often grab a sugary snack to give them a boost. But the body responds to this by releasing insulin and glucagon to break the sugar down and control the amount in your bloodstream. In turn, this leads to the so-called ‘sugar crash’ as blood sugar levels drop, along with concentration, mood, and energy.

7) Eat good quality protein.

In their rush to improve eating habits, people sometimes overdo the fruits and vegetables. Though these should form the bulk of your diet, it is also important to include good quality protein. Protein gives the body the amino acids it needs for the manufacture of healthy brain cells. So add chicken, turkey, beans, eggs, nuts, and seeds to your new diet.

In the hope of cheering themselves up, people will go on shopping sprees, take drugs, drink alcohol, and run up debts. Yet with a few simple changes to your diet, you might find your mood improves out of all recognition.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs is a water company in San Diego that provides Planet Ion home delivery services, water coolers and equipment. We deliver chemical-free water direct to your home/premises, on a no contract basis. If you have concerns over the water purity in your area, consider using our water testing products.