What kind of water should you be drinking?

Tap Water – People all over the country and the world drink tap water from sinks every day. It is regulated by the EPA and is safe for consumption. Many people recommend and use filtrations systems to improve the taste of tap water from the fluoride and chlorination process it goes through.

Well Water – Most well water is safe to drink, but it is incredibly important to always test well water before drinking it. If there are chemicals or bacteria present, it could get you sick. Well water has some great benefits in the form of minerals and the lack of chemicals present in tap water.

If you are concerned that water may be unsafe to drink and you don’t have the means for testing, boil questionable water before consumption.

Spring Water/Mineral Water – You can get far more calcium and magnesium from drinking bottled mineral water than from drinking tap water from the faucet. Bottled water is regulated by the FDA to meet specific safety standards when it is bottled and sealed: ensuring it is safe to drink.

Purified Water – Purified water goes through a filtration and purification process that removes all contaminants and chemicals from the water before bottling, making it quite safe to drink.

Distilled Water – You can drink distilled water, although it has a different taste than other water sources because it lacks all minerals such as the calcium and magnesium present in both tap water and spring water sources.

Sparkling Water – Drinking sparkling water does not provide the same harmful effects on teeth that most carbonated beverages do, sources report – making it great for people who like a little bubble in their drink. Do be careful with carbonation though as it can have a lasting impact on the kidneys.

Alkaline Water – What makes water alkaline? A high PH level. Studies have been done testing the effects of drinking Alkaline water to combat acid reflux symptoms and research is still very active to determine the true nature Alkaline water has on acid and our bodies.

The truth of the matter is that if you’re drinking water every day, you’re already on the right track. Try to follow the 8×8 rule and set a goal to drink eight 8oz glasses (half a gallon) daily to keep your body hydrated and happy.

Hot Water Teas

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Stomach pain is extremely uncomfortable, making it something you’ll want to cure as quickly as possible when it arises. While there is a wide range of medications and products available for the treatment of stomach discomfort, there are also many natural solutions you can use, such as teas. Here are three simple teas you can use to stop stomach pain its tracks.

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Save Energy by Using Hot Water Dispensers

Tired of waiting for the kettle to boil before you can enjoy your cup of coffee? Consider installing a hot water dispenser in your kitchen, and save time and energy costs. Kettles use more energy than hot water dispensers, and water is wasted every time the kettle is emptied and refilled with fresh water.

Hot water dispensers can be rented through Silver Springs Water, or you can invest in purchasing a Silver Springs Water portable hot water dispenser. One of the benefits of a hot water dispenser is the immediate access to hot water whenever you need it. In addition, hot water dispensers use less energy than kettles and there is no wastage of water.
Filtered water is heated up when passing through the hot water dispenser, and no hot water is stored. Boiling water spilled from a kettle can cause burns and damage to working surfaces. Kettles are especially dangerous when there are young children in the house. Homeowners can limit the risks associated with boiling water by replacing a kettle with a hot water dispenser.

It is easy to install a hot water dispenser, and they can add a professional feel to your kitchen. The placement of a hot water dispenser will depend on the type of dispenser that you want to install. Portable hot water dispensers can be placed on any surface with enough available space. Make sure that children are not able to easily reach the hot water dispenser to prevent the accidental release of hot water.

Have a look at available hot water dispensers on the market, and consider installing one in your kitchen. Hot water dispensers allow immediate access to hot water, cause less wastage, use less energy and are safer to use. In addition, there is no build up of lime scale or calcium. Kettles take longer to boil water and eventually stop working due to the build -up of lime scale and calcium.

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of our Hot Water Dispenser products, please click here.

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