For Better Health Just Drink Water

Water is essential for all life on earth; the earth itself is over seventy percent water, and the human body is over sixty percent water. We all know that water is important for our health and well-being, and that we couldn’t live without it. We all know for better health just drink water. This brings up an interesting question, though: why is it that most of us don’t drink enough of the water that we need?

We all know that staying hydrated is necessary for our health and wellness, yet the majority of people in America aren’t getting enough water. According to Medical Daily, chronic dehydration effects about seventy-five percent of the American population. Chronic dehydration is a huge problem, and it’s one that can have a vastly negative impact on your health.

Many people believe that the first sign of dehydration is thirst. Actually, thirst is only one of many signals that your body sends to your brain to indicate that you’re dehydrated. By the time you actually feel thirsty, you’re probably dehydrated already. The first signals that your body sends to your brain are less obvious than thirst; these signals can be body aches or a slight headache, feeling listless, or having trouble concentrating. While we often attribute these symptoms to other causes, usually they all stem from the same problem: dehydration.

Because your body is so dependent on water to function, dehydration can cause problems in literally every area of your physical health. The main things effected by water loss are your internal organs. When it doesn’t have enough water to distribute to every system, your body will take water from lower priority organs and transfer it to higher priority organs to protect them. One of the first organs to be affected is the colon. The body pulls water from the colon and transports it to organs that are more important for your survival: such as the heart, the brain, and the lungs. This is often the cause of constipation; without enough water to transport waste effectively, the colon simply slows the process down. If you suffer from this very common problem, you may not need to invest in laxatives; it’s possible that you are simply suffering from a symptom of chronic dehydration.

The colon isn’t the only organ that is impaired by dehydration. The liver and kidneys suffer as well. What do all of these organs have in common? All of them are responsible for flushing toxins and waste products from the body. When they aren’t able to function properly due to dehydration, toxins build up inside the body and leave you feeling tired, run-down, and sick. Drinking more water won’t just help certain organs to work better, it will improve your overall health and well-being as well.

Another aspect of your health effected by dehydration is your mental health. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that your brain is made up mostly of water – any dehydration will have a negative impact on its function. While it’s easy to blame mental fatigue and concentration problems on stress, these symptoms are often a result of dehydration. Without enough water to keep your mental systems running, you may feel irritable, groggy, or even have mild memory loss.
Individuals with depression and anxiety will benefit from better hydration also. While drinking more water certainly won’t cure these disorders, it can make a big difference in easing the symptoms and encouraging better overall health.

Drinking more water will improve the way you feel both mentally and physically, and can help alleviate a wide array of health concerns.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs San Diego offers water delivery services, water coolers and equipment. We deliver chemical free water direct to your home/premises, on a no contract basis. If you have concerns over the water purity in your area, consider using our tap water testing products.

San Diego Water Delivery ; Improve Efficiency & Save Time

We’ve all got demands on our time. San Diego Water Delivery ; Improve Efficiency & Save Time Whether it’s work, being with family and friends, taking part in favorite pastimes, or managing every day chores, it can be a challenge to fit it all in. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to make our lives simpler – and this is where delivery services can help. If you haven’t considered it before, here are some reasons to make a water delivery service part of your routine.

Water Delivery Means Greater Efficiency

The time you spend making regular trips to the convenience store to pick up bottled water could be used more productively. If a constant supply of fresh water is important to you, then make obtaining it easier by using a water delivery service. This will give you one less chore to complete, which will allow you greater efficiency.

Water Delivery Is More Cost-effective And Less Time Consuming

You could just grab some water when you’re next doing the grocery shopping, but you won’t necessarily be getting the best deal when it comes to price. Then there’s the costs involved in collecting water, such as paying for gas and parking meters, especially if you make a separate journey to buy bottled water in bulk. For these reasons, getting water delivered can be more cost effective and time efficient. It also saves time as there is no need to make a further journey or join busy queues.

Water Delivery Provides Added Convenience

By using a water delivery service, you don’t need to worry about forgetting to pick up water or running out. They’ll be no need to weigh your grocery bags or car down with water bottles – not when you can get a fresh supply delivered direct to your door. By finding a reliable company who prides itself on high quality, pure water, you should always have enough to meet your needs.


By using a water delivery service, you can gain all of the benefits of clean water without having to shop for it yourself. Choosing water delivery can also be more economical and it’s guaranteed to be of high quality.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs San Diego offers  Planet Ion delivery services, water coolers and equipment. We deliver chemical free water direct to your home/premises on a no contract basis. If you have concerns over the water purity in your area, consider using our tap water testing products.

Tap Water in San Diego – What Purification Measures Should be Taken?

Despite the measures taken to make tap water is safe to drink, research shows that 52 per cent of Americans are concerned over the quality of their water. Many consumers stated that they use filtration systems and turn to bottled water due to their worries. These fears are natural considering the contaminants water is exposed to, including pesticides, herbicides and bacteria, but numerous steps are taken to treat the water before it reaches the tap.

Tap Water In San Diego

San Diego tap water is hard, and it’s considered safe to drink. However, if you have concerns, you can download water quality reports for your area to learn more. Given the precautions taken to ensure the safety of your water, you shouldn’t need to boil it first, but there are some exceptions.

When You Should Boil Tap Water

If you have a compromised immune system, or are pregnant, it’s recommended that you sterilize water by boiling it first. If you give it to younger children, or if there’s been a contamination scare you’re advised to boil it. Boiling tap water will also reduce any bacteria that could have worked its way into the water supply, so some householders prefer to do this as an added precaution.

Filtration And Disinfection

Tap water in San Diego goes through several stages to help guarantee its premium quality, but as a consumer you might consider the filtration and disinfection phases the most important. Filtration allows water to take on its crystal clear, pure appearance by removing particles from it, while disinfection is a two stage process; the primary stage removes common viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Next, chlorine and ammonia are added to prevent bacteria contamination as the water works its way through the water pipes and into households. This practice has been carried out since the 1930s, and it’s perfectly safe.

Filtering Tap Water

While filtration is integral to the water treatment process, a lot of householders prefer to filter their water before they drink it. Filtering water can help to remove the chlorine taste that often isn’t tolerated well and reduce any contaminates. Others prefer to have a supply of bottled water for drinking as they don’t like the odor or taste of tap water.


There are a number of safeguards in place to help guarantee the premium quality of tap water; this means that boiling it shouldn’t usually be necessary unless your individual circumstances makes it unsafe to drink unsterilized. However, depending on your personal preferences you may wish to boil water or purify it first to remove possible bacteria.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs San Diego offers water delivery services, water coolers and equipment. We deliver chemical free water direct to your home/premises, on a no contract basis. If you have concerns over the water purity in your area, consider using our tap water testing products.

5 Tricks To Get Your Child To Drink More Water

Lack of hydration can have serious consequences for kids.  And if you have children, you probably know that one of the main challenges can be getting them to drink enough water; some just don’t like the taste, while others would prefer to grab a soda. If you’re faced with this problem, here are 5 tricks to get your child to drink more water.

1. Add Some Flavor

Add different flavors to the water. You can do this by chopping up different fruits, squeezing some fresh fruit juice, or heavily diluting juices. Strawberries are often a favorite among children but choose any suitable fruit if you know it appeals to them. You could also add some natural flavors such as vanilla, mint, or perhaps buy a natural water that comes with added flavorings.

2. Let Children Serve Themselves

Accessibility can be key. Allow your children to serve themselves when they want to and make sure that water is readily available. If they don’t like tap water, or you’re concerned about impurities, buy filtered or bottled water instead.

3. Make It Fun

With so many sodas available on the market, plain tap water can seem dull in comparison so find ways to make it fun! Character themed glasses, fun straws, shaped ice cubes or anything else that gives the water a colorful, visual appeal will make it appear more attractive to children. Let your children choose which fun options they prefer as this can make them more likely to drink the water.

4. Make It A Habit

Some children just need to get into the habit of drinking water; make it part of the mealtime ritual. Ensure that everyone has a glass of water available. This will help make it part of the family routine, which might make it more acceptable to your child.

5. Start A Contest

There aren’t many children who don’t like a competition. Hold a contest to see who can drink the most water – and let the whole family join in. Make small prizes available to act as an incentive, however, don’t let your children drink too much water as excessive amounts can be bad for their health, too.


Water is essential to children, but they often don’t drink enough of it. The above tricks will make drinking water fun, rather than it feeling like a chore. Try a few different tricks and see which one’s work best for your children.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs Water serves customers in both San Diego and Las Vegas. Our products and services include bottled water delivery, Planet Ion home delivery, water coolers and drops for testing water. To learn more about our water company in San Diego and our products/services, visit our website today.

A Review of Water Drinking Apps | San Diego Water Delivery

Have you ever wondered if you’re really getting enough water? We all know the benefits of drinking water to stay healthy. Nevertheless, it’s all too easy to lack the motivation or to lose track. If you’re one of those people who struggle to find the motivation, there’s plenty of apps that will give you the encouragement you need. Here are four of the best.

Water Logged Water Drinking App

With this free basic app, you can track pf the water consumption and your daily goals. It’s adjustable so you can change your aims as you wish, or you can choose to keep it straight forward and go with the default settings. If math isn’t your thing, it’ll will even do the calculations on your behalf, so there’s no excuses for not being able to keep track.

Water Your Body Water Drinking App

This great looking app has been designed to make drinking water fun! On the app. You’ll see a set of shelves depicted. You can add cups and bottles to the shelves to indicate how much you’ve drunk on any given day. The app calculates how much water you need based on the information you put in, so you know at a glance the target you’re working towards.

Water Minder Water Drinking App

Available from Google Play and iTunes, the Water Minder app is easy to use and customizable. You can calculate your goals, create custom cup sizes, and log the amount you drink at the click of a button. When it’s time to drink some more, you’ll get sent a notification, and you can even qualify for Water Minder badges if you want further encouragement.

Water Balance Water Drinking App

This app calculates your water needs based on age, weight, height, and the other information you input. Once you’ve added your details, the app will suggest how much you water you should be aiming for. With Water Balance, you can set reminders to ensure you’ll drinking enough, and you can even track your not-so-healthy drinking habits as well. The app is available on Google Play.

Why Silver Springs?

Silver Springs offers water coolers and equipment. We also provide Planet Ion delivery. Our water company in San Diego, which has offices in San Diego and Las Vegas, also offers water testing services. To learn more about our water company in San Diego and the potential benefits of drinking Planet Ion  visit our website today.




History Of The Water Cooler

It’s been a feature of the office decades. And it’s often the meeting hub for the latest bit of latest workplace gossip or talk of the hot new TV show. What I am talking about? The water cooler, of course! The majority of employees have probably had their fair share of water cooler moments, and although it’s now it’s an integral part of office life, you might not realize quite how far it dates back.


How It Began

The water cooler isn’t the modern phenomenon some people think it is. It actually dates back to the early 1900s –   way before ‘office gossip’ became a thing. We have Willard Taylor and Luther Haw to thank for the water cooler. In 1906, the two men got together to create a drinking water fountain, although it served a rather different purpose back then.

In its earliest form, the ‘water cooler’ – as it would become known – wasn’t designed as a regular office meeting hub. In fact, the intentions behind it were much more serious: fighting Typhoid and other common waterborne diseases. However, the initial models had one distinct flaw: they could only provide water at room temperature. This led to a potential breeding ground for bacteria, which rather defeated the purpose of the invention. Undeterred, Haws and Taylor got together again to come up with the next evolution.

Originally, the inventors relied on large ice blocks gathered from rivers to help keep the water cool. As you can probably imagine, the early water coolers needed to be pretty large to cater for this. Thankfully, the process of keeping water cool has undergone some considerable advances since.

The Modern Water Cooler

Today, the watercooler is as popular as ever.  The technology keeps getting better, making for sleek, easier to use machines. Purification is more effective, and these days, water coolers even come in eco-friendly models, too! And, as the water cooler continues to evolve, it’s likely to remain as the go to place for the next bit of hot workplace gossip.

Why Silver Springs?

Silver Springs is a water company in San Diego offering high quality Planet Ion products, water coolers and equipment. We provide Planet Ion delivery, as well as water coolers for rent or purchase. Our water company in San Diego also offers water testing services. To learn more about our water company in San Diego and our products/services  visit our website today.

5 Reasons Clean Water Makes A Difference To Your Health

We often take clean water for granted. Having the ability to turn on the faucet and get reasonably clean water is a luxury not available in all countries. There are many reason clean water makes a difference to your health!

Healthy Hydration

Proper hydration is critical for your overall health. People who are dehydrated are more likely to make mistakes at work or school, pull a muscle during a workout, and feel fatigued throughout the day. Clean water keeps your body hydrated which also keeps your mind properly hydrated.

Alternative Thirst Quenchers

If you don’t have clean, great tasting water at hand during the day, you’re more likely to grab an alternative thirst quencher that may not be so good for your health. Sodas, high-sugar juices, and even coffee and tea can have negative effects on your health. Adding sugar and cream to tea or sugar adds calorie and fat content that just doesn’t exist in clean water.

Dangers of Dirty Water

One of the easiest ways for some diseases and parasites to spread is through dirty water. If your water has microorganisms from any of the waterborne diseases that exist, you and your family could experience serious health issues.

Ensuring the water you drink is free of these dangerous particles and microorganisms means you are avoiding potentially life-threatening diseases.

Taste Matters

If you are drinking unclean water, you will probably notice it in the taste. Associating metallic or strange tastes with water means you’re less likely to drink it regularly.Clean water tastes fresh and is an enticing way to quench your thirst meaning you stay hydrated!


Water isn’t just used for drinking; it is also used for bathing. Depending on our environments and working conditions, we may end up with dangerous particles on our skin through the course of a normal day which could be absorbed or inhaled. One example of this is asbestos.

Clean water means having the ability to thoroughly wash unsafe particles from our hair, skin, and clothing without adding additional, unclean chemicals or microorganisms in the process.

Why Silver Springs Water | San Diego?

Contact us today at Silver Springs to have clean water delivered to your home or office! Silver Springs is the Best Drinking Water Delivery Company serving San Diego. Silver Springs Water provides water delivery products as well as water dispenser equipment. Whether you need home water delivery or business water delivery, Silver Springs can accommodate your needs without the need for a contract. Silver Springs also offers San Diego Tap Water Testing Services. Learn about our water company in San Diego, and check your San Diego water delivery service area by entering your zip code.

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Having clean water is critical to your health. Let Silver Springs deliver the cleanest drinking water available to your home or office! Contact us today for more information on delivery options. 

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