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The facts about Alkaline Water and it’s benefits

Let’s start with the basics – What is Alkaline Water?

There is one primary difference between tap water and Alkaline water, and that is that Alkaline water has less acidity. It is called Alkaline because it contains the following metal compounds: Calcium, Silica, Potassium, Magnesium, and Bicarbonate.

You can achieve Alkaline water via two methods. The first – and natural method – is through water that has passed over rocks and picked up minerals before being bottled. The second method is Electrolysis: in which an ionizer will raise the pH level of regular tap water to make it more alkaline.

Alkaline water has been recommended to people who experience severe acidity as it can help to neutralize the acid in the body. Studies have shown that drinking certain Alkaline waters can have a positive effect on acid reflux. The study is made available by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health.

Another study has shown that drinking Alkaline water after a workout can help blood flow more efficiently through the body and deliver oxygen more effectively. The study is made available by the BMC.

Should you be drinking Alkaline Water?

It is widely accepted as safe to drink Alkaline water as it contains natural minerals, and many professionals say it’s a welcome addition to your normal water intake for a healthy lifestyle.

Medical professionals do warn against drinking too much Alkaline water and driving up the pH in the body too high – especially if you experience an underactive parathyroid gland – as this can result in a condition known as Alkalosis that causes confusion, nausea, vomiting, and tremors.

What kind of water should you be drinking?

Tap Water – People all over the country and the world drink tap water from sinks every day. It is regulated by the EPA and is safe for consumption. Many people recommend and use filtrations systems to improve the taste of tap water from the fluoride and chlorination process it goes through.

Well Water – Most well water is safe to drink, but it is incredibly important to always test well water before drinking it. If there are chemicals or bacteria present, it could get you sick. Well water has some great benefits in the form of minerals and the lack of chemicals present in tap water.

If you are concerned that water may be unsafe to drink and you don’t have the means for testing, boil questionable water before consumption.

Spring Water/Mineral Water – You can get far more calcium and magnesium from drinking bottled mineral water than from drinking tap water from the faucet. Bottled water is regulated by the FDA to meet specific safety standards when it is bottled and sealed: ensuring it is safe to drink.

Purified Water – Purified water goes through a filtration and purification process that removes all contaminants and chemicals from the water before bottling, making it quite safe to drink.

Distilled Water – You can drink distilled water, although it has a different taste than other water sources because it lacks all minerals such as the calcium and magnesium present in both tap water and spring water sources.

Sparkling Water – Drinking sparkling water does not provide the same harmful effects on teeth that most carbonated beverages do, sources report – making it great for people who like a little bubble in their drink. Do be careful with carbonation though as it can have a lasting impact on the kidneys.

Alkaline Water – What makes water alkaline? A high PH level. Studies have been done testing the effects of drinking Alkaline water to combat acid reflux symptoms and research is still very active to determine the true nature Alkaline water has on acid and our bodies.

The truth of the matter is that if you’re drinking water every day, you’re already on the right track. Try to follow the 8×8 rule and set a goal to drink eight 8oz glasses (half a gallon) daily to keep your body hydrated and happy.

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30 Day Water Challenge

Taking a 30 day water challenge can have huge benefits on your physical and mental health.They come with their own sets of challenges but the benefits are definitely worth it! Check out our list below for some 30 day water challenge instructions!

What Do I Do?

The challenge is simple.
Drink one gallon of water every day for 30 days.
Keep in mind one gallon of water is 128 ounces, of 16 cups, of water.
This is double the typical guideline for the amount of water you should drink in a day but it has tons of benefits.
It may be hard and comes with its own challenges but the benefits can be great for you!

What Are the Benefits?

Drinking 16 cups of water a day means you’ll be properly hydrated.
Your skin might clear up, your digestive system will thank you, and you will probably get less headaches.
You’ll likely have more energy and you’ll notice changes in your mood.
The benefits vary by person and some of the factors include how much water you normally drink in comparison to drinking one gallon per day as well as activity level and overall general health.
Make sure you’re keeping your electrolytes in check by consuming enough salt in your food and if you have any questions, seek advice from a doctor.

What Are the Challenges?

Drinking that much water a day might seem easy but actually doing it might be difficult for some people. You will definitely need to make more pit stops than usual, at least until your body gets used to consuming that much water.

Another challenge is simply logistics. Keeping track of the amount you consume can be done with an app, simply marking it off on a piece of paper, or literally carrying a one gallon container of water everywhere.Do what works best for you! As long as you get your ounces in, it doesn’t matter how you track them.

Silver Springs would love to provide the fresh, clean water you drink for your 30 day water challenge.
Contact us today to see how you can get our healthy water delivered right to your home or office!

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs San Diego offers water delivery services, water coolers and equipment. We deliver chemical free water direct to your home/premises, on a no contract basis. If you have concerns over the water purity in your area, consider using our tap water testing products.

San Diego Bottled Water – An Essential Service For Staff And Guests

There are many good reasons why bottled water should be considered an essential service for both staff and guests. With its benefits to well-being and performance, having easy access to pure water shows you have the best interests of your staff and guests at heart. Here are some of the reasons bottled water should be considered an essential service for your staff and guests.

Bottled Water For Your Staff

Adequate hydration is vital to staff performance. Research highlights how many employees are not getting adequate nutrition at work – and this includes a lack of water. If staff become dehydrated, it can have a number of negative effects. This can include poor concentration, a lack of focus, fatigue and lethargy, all of which will impact on productivity.

By providing a convenient supply of bottled water for your staff, you can be certain they are getting the pure water they need to aid their performance. Supplying water also discourages the use of caffeinated drinks, which can also lead to dehydration. In addition, it helps to steer workers away from unhealthy alternative like sodas, which aren’t great for employees’ health if they are drunk regularly.

Bottled Water For Your Guests

Access to a water is just as important to guests – and a ready supply of fresh water doesn’t just offer them convenience. With an obesity epidemic, it has never been more important to let guests have access to healthier alternatives; pure water can help support guests to make healthier choices. Making sure there is fresh, bottled water available also shows a commitment to the health and well-being of your guests.


Bottled water is vital for both staff and guests. Access to fresh water enables staff to enhance their performance while maintaining their well-being; it gives guests healthier choices too. By keeping a regular supply of bottled water, you’ll always be ready to cater for the needs of staff and guests.

Why Silver Springs Water?

The Silver Springs water company offers bottled water delivery without the need for contracts! We provide Planet Ion delivery, as well as water coolers for rent or purchase. The Silver Springs water company, which has offices in San Diego and Las Vegas, also offers water testing services. To learn more about the Silver Springs water company and our delivery services  visit our website today.

Alkaline Water pH and Cancer

Planet Ion water is believed to have many health benefits and understanding the links between Alkaline Water pH and Cancer is an important topic. It’s free from many of the contaminants that can be found in tap water. And for a lot of people, it’s their drink of choice because of its alkaline pH level. While others think that alkaline water could play an important role in promoting good health.

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Las Vegas Planet Ion Water in the News July 2015

The need for Las Vegas Planet Ion delivery service in Las Vegas Nevada , is our primary focus at Silver Springs Water. However, we can’t ignore the current water issues and trends occurring right in our back yard. Silver Springs Water is committed to keeping our consumer informed. We want to offer our clients with a continued, focused, and professional water delivery for home or office in the San Diego and Las Vegas area. No matter what the extent of the water crisis, that is occurring in Nevada, Silver Springs Water will still deliver all of the benefits that Planet Ion Water offers.

Las Vegas always has its eyes on water. The high desert climate means our natural resources are even more precious. These stories will catch you up on some of the hottest Las Vegas water stories this month.

Water Quality Partnership

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