Hexavalent Chromium and San Diego Water

A recent report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) has raised concerns over the levels of Hexavalent chromium in San Diego drinking water. Although it’s within the legal limits, the chromium is at higher levels than it should be, and there are some worries over the possible health implications. However, San Diego isn’t alone in its concerns as according to the EWG, two thirds of tap water in the United States is exposed to high levels of the chemical.

What Is Hexavalent Chromium?

If you have seen the Erin Brockovich movie, you should be familiar with Hexavalent chromium. Hexavalent chromium or Chromium 6 is a known carcinogen; it has been associated with lung cancer when the substance has been inhaled. However, there is also a suggestion it could cause stomach cancer or liver problems as well as other health issues when it’s absorbed in the form of tap water.

Concerns Over Hexavalent Chromium

Commenting on the EWG report, campaigner Erin Brockovich said:

“Houston, we have a problem. More than 20 years ago, we learned that this dangerous chemical poisoned the tap water of California communities, and now these tests and EWG’s report show that roughly 218 million Americans are being served drinking water polluted with potentially dangerous levels of this known carcinogen”.

Should you be worried? Maybe. Research on rats and mice has shown that Chromium 6 has the potential to cause cancer in rats and mice, but the risks of the chemical in tap water are being described by some officials as ‘negligible’. Nevertheless, the report could still leave a question mark in some consumers’ minds regarding the safety of San Diego water. Also, it’s right that the public are aware of the levels Chromium 6 so they can make their own decisions over whether they feel theit tap water is fit to drink.

Drinking Safe Water

If you’re concerned over the potential contaminants in tap water, you might want to make the switch to bottled water. This way you’ll be assured of the purity and you won’t need to be concerned over contaminants or water quality. You could even choose a bottled water delivery service to make sure there is always a fresh supply.

Why Silver Springs Water?

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The Best Tasting Water in Las Vegas

The tap water in Las Vegas is usually considered safe to drink, but that doesn’t mean everyone enjoys the taste of it. In fact, some online research will quickly reveal that while most consumers are confident about safety levels, many find the taste of chlorine lingers, and it can be off putting. So if you’re looking for the best tasting water in Las Vegas, here are some alternatives.

Filtering Your Tap Water In Las Vegas

While the water in your tap will have gone through an extensive cleansing process, a lot of householders still prefer to filter it. Filtering helps to remove impurities that might still be in the water, and some say it reduces the chlorine taste. However, there are alternatives if you want an added assurance that the water you’re drinking is pure.

Find A Bottled Water Delivery Service

What could be more convenient than having a regular supply of fresh water delivered to your door? You’ll have confidence that the water is fresh and you will know it has been produced to the highest of standards. By getting bottled water delivered regularly you will never need to run out – and they’ll be no more long trips to the store to collect some more.

Flavored And Vitamin Waters

If you really don’t like the flavour of plain water, then you don’t need to miss out! Water comes in a choice of flavors these days, but lemon is often a favourite. As well as giving water some extra ‘bite’, lemon is believed to offer many advantages, including the ability to detox the body and help clear the skin. You can also choose vitamin waters to help add some vital trace nutrients to your diet.

Consider Buying Alkaline Water

Many people are coming to realize the potential benefits of eating an alkaline diet. And while It would be wrong to make any health claims about drinking alkaline water, many believe that it does has a positive effect on their general sense of well-being. By choosing bottled alkaline water over tap water, you can also be assured of its quality.

Why Silver Springs Water?

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Health Benefits Of Lemon Infused Water

Starting the day with lemon water is a popular ritual – and not just among regular folk. There are a number of celebrities who are convinced of the benefits, and fitness trainer Jackie Warner also advocates drinking it. If it’s not already part of your daily routine, here are some of the many benefits of drinking lemon infused water:

1. Clearer Skin

Lemon water is believed to have a detoxing effect on the body; when it’s drunk on a regular basis this can lead to a clearer, brighter complexion. However, some claim that it benefits the skin condition in other ways, too. One common belief is that is reduces wrinkles due to the antioxidant levels.

2. Rich In Nutrients

Lemon infused water contains health giving nutrients. This includes vitamin C, which can help ward off colds and sore throats, and lemons are a  source of calcium and magnesium for healthy bones. They also contain potassium, which is vital to brain and nerve function. In addition, they provide iron, to protect against anaemia.

3. Improved Digestion

The citric acid present in lemons helps to encourage the release of gastric juices. These gastric juices are important to your digestive health and can help to relieve common digestive problems. If you suffer from belching or burping after a meal, you may find lemon water beneficial.

4. Lemon Infused Water Is High In Flavonoids

Lemons are a source of flavonoids. It’s believed that flavonoids have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which can help to lower your risk of heart disease. Flavonoids also support the immune system, and improve sports performance, according to research.


While drinking plain hot water isn’t without its advantages, drinking lemon infused water could be even better for your health. It contains vital nutrients, and the antioxidants and flavonoids in lemons are known for their health-giving properties. It can also be useful in warding off colds and improving digestion.

Why Silver Springs Water?

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Tap Water in San Diego – What Purification Measures Should be Taken?

Despite the measures taken to make tap water is safe to drink, research shows that 52 per cent of Americans are concerned over the quality of their water. Many consumers stated that they use filtration systems and turn to bottled water due to their worries. These fears are natural considering the contaminants water is exposed to, including pesticides, herbicides and bacteria, but numerous steps are taken to treat the water before it reaches the tap.

Tap Water In San Diego

San Diego tap water is hard, and it’s considered safe to drink. However, if you have concerns, you can download water quality reports for your area to learn more. Given the precautions taken to ensure the safety of your water, you shouldn’t need to boil it first, but there are some exceptions.

When You Should Boil Tap Water

If you have a compromised immune system, or are pregnant, it’s recommended that you sterilize water by boiling it first. If you give it to younger children, or if there’s been a contamination scare you’re advised to boil it. Boiling tap water will also reduce any bacteria that could have worked its way into the water supply, so some householders prefer to do this as an added precaution.

Filtration And Disinfection

Tap water in San Diego goes through several stages to help guarantee its premium quality, but as a consumer you might consider the filtration and disinfection phases the most important. Filtration allows water to take on its crystal clear, pure appearance by removing particles from it, while disinfection is a two stage process; the primary stage removes common viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. Next, chlorine and ammonia are added to prevent bacteria contamination as the water works its way through the water pipes and into households. This practice has been carried out since the 1930s, and it’s perfectly safe.

Filtering Tap Water

While filtration is integral to the water treatment process, a lot of householders prefer to filter their water before they drink it. Filtering water can help to remove the chlorine taste that often isn’t tolerated well and reduce any contaminates. Others prefer to have a supply of bottled water for drinking as they don’t like the odor or taste of tap water.


There are a number of safeguards in place to help guarantee the premium quality of tap water; this means that boiling it shouldn’t usually be necessary unless your individual circumstances makes it unsafe to drink unsterilized. However, depending on your personal preferences you may wish to boil water or purify it first to remove possible bacteria.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs San Diego offers water delivery services, water coolers and equipment. We deliver chemical free water direct to your home/premises, on a no contract basis. If you have concerns over the water purity in your area, consider using our tap water testing products.

5 Benefits Of Drinking Las Vegas Alkaline Water For Your Skin

People who drink plenty of water daily often comment on the improvements it can make not just to their wellbeing, but also their skin. While scientists often disagree on just how beneficial it is, plenty of people have noted the difference it makes to their complexions. Here are just some of the many benefits people say they have gained from including more water in their diets.

Clearer Skin

One of the main benefits people comment on when they increase their water intake is clearer skin. This is because water has the ability to flush out toxins, which can sometimes show as spots on the skin. Acne sufferers might also find water beneficial due to the detoxifying effect. Choosing water is a better choice than sugary sodas, which could help fuel the problem of poor skin.

Fewer Obvious Wrinkles

Some people notice their wrinkles seem to diminish when they consume plenty of water. This is because water acts as a hydrator, making your skin look plumper. This doesn’t mean the wrinkles or fine lines are no longer present, but when the skin is plumper, they become less obvious.

It Eases Sunburn

If you’ve been caught out by the sun, drinking water can help hydrate skin. It’s also a good way to help reduce inflammation. Inflammation is responsible for some of the symptoms you feel after sunburn so this might help to ease sunburn.

Reduce Shadows Under Eyes

Dark shadows under the eyes can sometimes indicate dehydration. Often, people notice that when they start to drink lots of water their shadows starts to fade. If you have dark shadows under your eyes, then drinking more water intake might help

Brighter, Softer Skin

Most people would like to have brighter, softer skin, and these are two of the benefits that could be gained from regularly drinking water. Water is said to help hydrate the skin from the inside out, hence the added softness. Also, drinking water flushes out toxins, which accounts for the brighten complexion.


Drinking water can have numerous benefits to the skin, including a clear complexion and fewer obvious wrinkles. Many people also attest that it makes them look more vital by brightening the skin and reducing shadows under the eyes. Water can also be helpful to ease the discomfort sunburn.

Why Silver Springs Water?

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5 Tricks To Get Your Child To Drink More Water

Lack of hydration can have serious consequences for kids.  And if you have children, you probably know that one of the main challenges can be getting them to drink enough water; some just don’t like the taste, while others would prefer to grab a soda. If you’re faced with this problem, here are 5 tricks to get your child to drink more water.

1. Add Some Flavor

Add different flavors to the water. You can do this by chopping up different fruits, squeezing some fresh fruit juice, or heavily diluting juices. Strawberries are often a favorite among children but choose any suitable fruit if you know it appeals to them. You could also add some natural flavors such as vanilla, mint, or perhaps buy a natural water that comes with added flavorings.

2. Let Children Serve Themselves

Accessibility can be key. Allow your children to serve themselves when they want to and make sure that water is readily available. If they don’t like tap water, or you’re concerned about impurities, buy filtered or bottled water instead.

3. Make It Fun

With so many sodas available on the market, plain tap water can seem dull in comparison so find ways to make it fun! Character themed glasses, fun straws, shaped ice cubes or anything else that gives the water a colorful, visual appeal will make it appear more attractive to children. Let your children choose which fun options they prefer as this can make them more likely to drink the water.

4. Make It A Habit

Some children just need to get into the habit of drinking water; make it part of the mealtime ritual. Ensure that everyone has a glass of water available. This will help make it part of the family routine, which might make it more acceptable to your child.

5. Start A Contest

There aren’t many children who don’t like a competition. Hold a contest to see who can drink the most water – and let the whole family join in. Make small prizes available to act as an incentive, however, don’t let your children drink too much water as excessive amounts can be bad for their health, too.


Water is essential to children, but they often don’t drink enough of it. The above tricks will make drinking water fun, rather than it feeling like a chore. Try a few different tricks and see which one’s work best for your children.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs Water serves customers in both San Diego and Las Vegas. Our products and services include bottled water delivery, Planet Ion home delivery, water coolers and drops for testing water. To learn more about our water company in San Diego and our products/services, visit our website today.

A Review of Water Drinking Apps | San Diego Water Delivery

Have you ever wondered if you’re really getting enough water? We all know the benefits of drinking water to stay healthy. Nevertheless, it’s all too easy to lack the motivation or to lose track. If you’re one of those people who struggle to find the motivation, there’s plenty of apps that will give you the encouragement you need. Here are four of the best.

Water Logged Water Drinking App

With this free basic app, you can track pf the water consumption and your daily goals. It’s adjustable so you can change your aims as you wish, or you can choose to keep it straight forward and go with the default settings. If math isn’t your thing, it’ll will even do the calculations on your behalf, so there’s no excuses for not being able to keep track.

Water Your Body Water Drinking App

This great looking app has been designed to make drinking water fun! On the app. You’ll see a set of shelves depicted. You can add cups and bottles to the shelves to indicate how much you’ve drunk on any given day. The app calculates how much water you need based on the information you put in, so you know at a glance the target you’re working towards.

Water Minder Water Drinking App

Available from Google Play and iTunes, the Water Minder app is easy to use and customizable. You can calculate your goals, create custom cup sizes, and log the amount you drink at the click of a button. When it’s time to drink some more, you’ll get sent a notification, and you can even qualify for Water Minder badges if you want further encouragement.

Water Balance Water Drinking App

This app calculates your water needs based on age, weight, height, and the other information you input. Once you’ve added your details, the app will suggest how much you water you should be aiming for. With Water Balance, you can set reminders to ensure you’ll drinking enough, and you can even track your not-so-healthy drinking habits as well. The app is available on Google Play.

Why Silver Springs?

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History Of The Water Cooler

It’s been a feature of the office decades. And it’s often the meeting hub for the latest bit of latest workplace gossip or talk of the hot new TV show. What I am talking about? The water cooler, of course! The majority of employees have probably had their fair share of water cooler moments, and although it’s now it’s an integral part of office life, you might not realize quite how far it dates back.


How It Began

The water cooler isn’t the modern phenomenon some people think it is. It actually dates back to the early 1900s –   way before ‘office gossip’ became a thing. We have Willard Taylor and Luther Haw to thank for the water cooler. In 1906, the two men got together to create a drinking water fountain, although it served a rather different purpose back then.

In its earliest form, the ‘water cooler’ – as it would become known – wasn’t designed as a regular office meeting hub. In fact, the intentions behind it were much more serious: fighting Typhoid and other common waterborne diseases. However, the initial models had one distinct flaw: they could only provide water at room temperature. This led to a potential breeding ground for bacteria, which rather defeated the purpose of the invention. Undeterred, Haws and Taylor got together again to come up with the next evolution.

Originally, the inventors relied on large ice blocks gathered from rivers to help keep the water cool. As you can probably imagine, the early water coolers needed to be pretty large to cater for this. Thankfully, the process of keeping water cool has undergone some considerable advances since.

The Modern Water Cooler

Today, the watercooler is as popular as ever.  The technology keeps getting better, making for sleek, easier to use machines. Purification is more effective, and these days, water coolers even come in eco-friendly models, too! And, as the water cooler continues to evolve, it’s likely to remain as the go to place for the next bit of hot workplace gossip.

Why Silver Springs?

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Are Your Pets Drinking Enough Water?

Making sure pets have adequate hydration can be an easy thing to overlook. A lot of pet owners don’t know quite how much water their pet should be drinking. While others might not think their pets are as vulnerable to common problems such as dehydration – and the symptoms can be facing difficult to spot.

How Much Water Should Your Pets Be Drinking?

A general guideline is to give your dog one Oz of water for every pound it weighs. However, others say to give your dog ½ an Oz of water for every pound ii weighs. For cats, the general guideline is 2-4 ounces of water. However, the amount your pet needs can vary on a number of factors.

Other Factors To Consider

When determining just how much water to give your pet, you need to take into account their size, their age and activity levels. You’ll also need to consider the weather conditions, and pet owners need to be especially careful if they’re taking their dog travelling in hot weather. Water requirements will also depend on the type of diet your pet eats. If they eat largely dry foods, they will have a larger need for water, while pets that have diets based on wet foods need less.

Making Sure The Water Is Fit To Drink

Don’t just give your dog water – keep it clean and fresh as well. Change the water twice a day and make sure the bowl is kept clean. Make sure that you top up low levels of water so that there is always a fresh supply available for your pet. If you’re worried about impurities buy a filter. For cats, again make sure their water is kept clean and use filtered water to reduce the levels/taste of chlorine. It’s also a good idea to  consider using a water fountain.


Adequate hydration is crucial to your pet’s health. However, as there are so many factors to take into consideration it can be difficult to determine just how much they need. Following the general guidelines is a great start, but if your pet has special dietary requirements/health problems, seek advice.

Why Silver Springs Water?

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How Much Water Do Children Need?

Water is vital in the child’s health and well-being, however, research shows far too many children are not getting enough. It’s not difficult for a child to become dehydrated, especially as they often find it difficult to recognize when they’re thirsty and the need to drink. Dehydration can then lead to symptoms such as fatigues and headaches.

How Much Water Do Your Children Need?

Water requirements vary depending on a number of factors. Needs can depend on the weather conditions and activity levels. Other factors like the age of the child, their sex, and the amount they weigh should all be taken into consideration. According to the guidelines issued by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, water requirements for children are as follows:

  • 4 – 8 years should be drinking 5 cups a day
  • 9 – 13-year-old girls should drink 7 cups daily cups a day, while boys should be drinking 8 cups
  • 14 – 18 your old girls should be drinking 8 cups oil and boys should be drinking 11 cups
  • Children of younger ages will have different requirements. Information on these guidelines can be found here.

Encouraging Your Children To Drink More Water

Try to get your children in the routine of drinking water with their meals and at regular intervals during the day. Make sure they have access to clean fresh water – consider buying bottled water so there is always a convenient supply.  A ready supply of water is especially important if your child is very active, or on hot summer’s days. If your children don’t like the taste of tap water, try using a water filter or buy naturally flavored waters.


Water is vital to a child’s health, but many of them don’t drink enough. If a child allows themselves to become dehydrated it can cause common health problems such as headaches and fatigue. By getting your child into the habit of regularly drinking water, you’re teaching them healthy habits that have numerous benefits to their wellbeing.

Why Silver Springs Water?

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Where Do Water Contaminants Originate From?

One of the reasons people opt for Planet Ion Water delivery is due to the many contaminants in the tap water. Pollution of drinking water comes in many different forms. While these pollutants aren’t always harmful, many people prefer the choice of having their water supply delivered to their door.

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San Diego Bottled Water – An Essential Service For Staff And Guests

There are many good reasons why bottled water should be considered an essential service for both staff and guests. With its benefits to well-being and performance, having easy access to pure water shows you have the best interests of your staff and guests at heart. Here are some of the reasons bottled water should be considered an essential service for your staff and guests.

Bottled Water For Your Staff

Adequate hydration is vital to staff performance. Research highlights how many employees are not getting adequate nutrition at work – and this includes a lack of water. If staff become dehydrated, it can have a number of negative effects. This can include poor concentration, a lack of focus, fatigue and lethargy, all of which will impact on productivity.

By providing a convenient supply of bottled water for your staff, you can be certain they are getting the pure water they need to aid their performance. Supplying water also discourages the use of caffeinated drinks, which can also lead to dehydration. In addition, it helps to steer workers away from unhealthy alternative like sodas, which aren’t great for employees’ health if they are drunk regularly.

Bottled Water For Your Guests

Access to a water is just as important to guests – and a ready supply of fresh water doesn’t just offer them convenience. With an obesity epidemic, it has never been more important to let guests have access to healthier alternatives; pure water can help support guests to make healthier choices. Making sure there is fresh, bottled water available also shows a commitment to the health and well-being of your guests.


Bottled water is vital for both staff and guests. Access to fresh water enables staff to enhance their performance while maintaining their well-being; it gives guests healthier choices too. By keeping a regular supply of bottled water, you’ll always be ready to cater for the needs of staff and guests.

Why Silver Springs Water?

The Silver Springs water company offers bottled water delivery without the need for contracts! We provide Planet Ion delivery, as well as water coolers for rent or purchase. The Silver Springs water company, which has offices in San Diego and Las Vegas, also offers water testing services. To learn more about the Silver Springs water company and our delivery services  visit our website today.

Alkaline Water pH and Cancer

Planet Ion water is believed to have many health benefits and understanding the links between Alkaline Water pH and Cancer is an important topic. It’s free from many of the contaminants that can be found in tap water. And for a lot of people, it’s their drink of choice because of its alkaline pH level. While others think that alkaline water could play an important role in promoting good health.

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Las Vegas Water News August 2016

As August heats up in Las Vegas, there’s good news for Lake Mead. There are also reassurances from water park operators. However, a Las Vegas water company still needs to make water deliveries to Tecopa.

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San Diego Water News August 2016

As the heat of summer continues, the usual water-related news just keeps coming. Here’s a look at some of August’s most prominent San Diego water news stories.

San Diego Fishermen Hook a Shark

Some San Diego fishermen were in for a bit of a surprise when they recently took to the waters. Instead of the usual sea fare they managed to hook something considerably larger – a Mako shark! The video was filmed by San Diego Fly Fishing Group and posted online. In the footage, viewers can see the shark making a number of backflips in the air as it attempts to escape from the hook.

At Last, San Diego Water Restrictions Begin To Ease

The San Diego drought has never been far from the news in recent years, which led to a strict mandate over water usage being put into place. However, water regulations are beginning to ease and this means some of the restrictions in water use are being lifted.

This is good news for residents in California who want to water their lawns. However, there are still some limitations, and when you can water your lawn and how often will depend on which district of San Diego you live.

If you need further information on when you can or can’t water your lawn, you’ll find it here.

Get ‘WaterSmart’ in San Diego County

The San Diego County Water Authority is encouraging the community to get ‘WaterSmart’. Instead of just maintaining water conservation when water supplies are low, residents are being urged to protect water resources wherever they can.

Greater water efficiency can help water security into the future. For this reason, the ‘Live WaterSmart’ campaign is sharing a list of ways San Diego County residents can curb water use. The measures include using smart fixtures for plumbing, choosing plants with greater water efficiency and fixing leaks to avoid water loss.

To further encourage conservation, an incentive program is due to be launched in August. The program will teach people how to create sustainable landscapes, which use less water. San Diego residents could also consider using tracking gadgets to monitor their water usage.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Our company allows you to get Planet Ion delivered direct to your door. Silver Springs Water offers a range of services to residential and commercial customers in the San Diego area including Planet Ion delivery and water coolers and equipment. Silver Springs high pH water provides the healthiest possible water for customers who are looking to enhance their lifestyle. For further details of our delivery services visit our page here.

Contact us today at Silver Springs to have clean water delivered to your home or office! Silver Springs is the Best Drinking Water Delivery Company serving San Diego. Silver Springs Water provides water delivery products as well as water dispenser equipment. Whether you need home water delivery or business water delivery, Silver Springs can accommodate your needs without the need for a contract. Silver Springs also offers San Diego Tap Water Testing Services. Learn about our water company in San Diego, and check your San Diego water delivery service area by entering your zip code.