Hot Water Teas

3 Hot Water Teas That Stop Stomach Pain

Stomach pain is extremely uncomfortable, making it something you’ll want to cure as quickly as possible when it arises. While there is a wide range of medications and products available for the treatment of stomach discomfort, there are also many natural solutions you can use, such as teas. Here are three simple teas you can use to stop stomach pain its tracks.

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Living a Long and Healthy Life Starts with Water!

When it comes to living a long and healthy life, little changes can make all the difference.

Like starting each morning with a healthy breakfast and a glass of water.

This will jump-start your metabolism and give you energy throughout the day. Start with Silver Springs Water for a Better Life!

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Natural Detoxification: Allowing Your Body To Heal Itself

In our modern society, we are bombarded daily by chemical pollution. Compounds foreign to our body’s normal biochemistry produce symptoms of chemical toxicity, most notably a breakdown in the function of our immune system and damage to the nervous system. It can take years of exposure before toxins build up and symptoms become apparent. Natural Detoxification could be an answer to turn things around.

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The Detox Diet

The Detox Diet and Detoxification is becoming increasingly important in a world filled with various pollutants, dangerous chemicals, and other poisonous substances that not only affect the air we breathe, but regularly infiltrate our food and water supply.  Detox diets work on a cellular level to clear out years of toxic build-up and help the excretory system become efficient again.  Detoxifying through diet positions the body for easier weight loss, enables the immune system to better recovery from sickness, and restores proper brain function, as well.

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Skincare Tips for Older Women

Skincare Tips for Older Women – Give Your Complexion a Hand with Water Delivery

Despite what some of the more excitable advertisements may claim, there’s no miracle cream that can turn back the clock and keep your skin looking eternally youthful. However, that’s not to say that you have to accept ever-increasing numbers of wrinkles and lines as the years pass. Taking good care of your skin and using a few techniques to slow down the effects of aging will let your natural beauty shine through, whatever your age.

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Five New Year Resolutions So Easy, You Can Do Them Today – and You’ll Be Glad You Did!

Over 60% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions every year. Whether we want to eat less sugar, lose weight, exercise or read instead of watching television, few of us find ourselves in the 8% of people that actually succeed. Life gets in the way. Kids get sick, the spouse has to work late, and the latest episode of The Walking Dead is nothing without ice cream.

It hurts to break promises, even if the promises that we make are only to the person in the mirror. Everybody wonders if there are easy resolutions that require little work and can yield improvements from day-to-day.  Check out these five resolutions – and don’t be surprised to find that you can actually keep them!

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Your Way to Happiness – Drink More Water

Everyone knows that a brisk walk, or a coffee with friends will lift their mood, yet surprisingly few are aware that a change in diet could do the same. So instead of reaching for the tranquillizers or antidepressants, try drinking water or any of the following:

1) Drink more water.

Few people drink as much water as they should. But adequate water intake is vital for hormonal function and stable blood sugar levels. It is also needed by the liver in breaking down and excreting toxins; the build-up of such toxins is often at the root of depression.

2) Reduce the amount of dairy you consume.

Excessive calcium intake unbalances the body’s magnesium levels, which can lead to depression. Many people are also slightly intolerant to dairy produce, though they go through life quite unaware of this. But eating foods to which you have an intolerance will lower your mood and throw out your sleeping patterns.

3) Cut junk food out of your diet.

The more donuts, pizzas, burgers, and fizzy drinks you consume, the more strain you place on your liver and detox system. When this system becomes strained, the liver grows sluggish and toxins find their way into the bloodstream. In turn, this interferes with healthy brain function and lowers mood.

4)  Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Try to make the bulk of your diet raw fruits and vegetables. If possible, buy organic. Not only do fruits and vegetables contain the nutrients vital for a healthy body, they also contain dietary fibre, which will control blood glucose levels, crucial for a stable, healthy mood.

5) Increase the fatty acids in your diet.

These specialised fats, found in oily fish, walnuts, and pumpkin seeds, help the brain cells function at their best. The omega 3 fats also slow down the absorption of sugar, thus stabilizing blood sugar levels.

6) Reduce the amount of sugar in your diet.

When people feel tired or low, they often grab a sugary snack to give them a boost. But the body responds to this by releasing insulin and glucagon to break the sugar down and control the amount in your bloodstream. In turn, this leads to the so-called ‘sugar crash’ as blood sugar levels drop, along with concentration, mood, and energy.

7) Eat good quality protein.

In their rush to improve eating habits, people sometimes overdo the fruits and vegetables. Though these should form the bulk of your diet, it is also important to include good quality protein. Protein gives the body the amino acids it needs for the manufacture of healthy brain cells. So add chicken, turkey, beans, eggs, nuts, and seeds to your new diet.

In the hope of cheering themselves up, people will go on shopping sprees, take drugs, drink alcohol, and run up debts. Yet with a few simple changes to your diet, you might find your mood improves out of all recognition.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs is a water company in San Diego that provides Planet Ion home delivery services, water coolers and equipment. We deliver chemical-free water direct to your home/premises, on a no contract basis. If you have concerns over the water purity in your area, consider using our water testing products.

Key to Good Physical Health: the Acid-Alkaline Balance

The balance between acid and acid-alkaline diet is one of the foundations of good physical health. And yet, though most nutritionists and health professionals are aware of this, it is surprisingly little known among the general population.

This is a pity. The human body is composed of cells, and when it is predominantly alkaline, those cells functions better. Ideally, the body should be two-thirds alkaline, one-third acid; the average, especially in the West, is around 20% alkaline, 80% acid. A body which is predominantly acid ages more quickly, and is more prone to osteoporosis, rheumatism, arthritis, candida, insomnia, and even cancer. The bad news is that most modern diets and lifestyles, even relatively healthy ones, are acid-forming. The good news is that you can take steps right now to correct this.

Diet is key to a healthy acid-alkaline balance.

The refined sugars found in cookies, cakes, and chocolate are all acid-forming. You should also avoid sodas, coffee, alcoholic drinks, and even fruit juices. More surprisingly, many healthy foods increase the body’s acid content, including most animal produce, nuts (with the exception of almonds and chestnuts), grains (with the exception of millet and buckwheat), cranberries, plums, prunes, rhubarb, and, most surprising of all, milk and yogurt.

So what should you eat?

Pure honey alkalizes the body, though it should be eaten in moderation. Vegetables are mostly alkaline-forming, especially seaweed, parsley, watercress, cabbage, kale, broccoli, and carrot. Fruits are generally safe, but best of all are melons, oranges, grapefruit, dates, lemons, mangoes, and figs. Organic sea salt and green tea should also be added to your diet if possible.

However, a change in diet is not enough.

Your emotional state can also throw out the acid-alkaline balance. Chronic stress is very bad. Try yoga and meditation to relieve this, especially those forms that teach you to breathe deeply. Once you have learnt these deep-breathing techniques, practise them regularly. Deep breathing oxygenates the body and increases alkaline; the shallow breathing found among the chronically stressed, in contrast, leads to more carbon dioxide in the body and hence more acidity.

It may also be worth visiting your local health food store.

Most sell powdered formulas designed to re-balance the body. Look for one that contains organic, powdered spirulina, alfalfa, broccoli, and wheat grass. Sodium phosphate will also help. Rather than a multi-vitamin, you could try a multi-mineral supplement. Find one containing calcium, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. If you dislike drinking green tea, you could also purchase green tea extract in tablet form.

Correcting the acid-alkaline imbalance isn’t difficult. As you can see from the advice offered above, the changes are relatively simple. It should also be stressed that you needn’t take this advice to an extreme. A little chocolate, or the occasional drink, won’t do you much harm. The key is to make small changes and stick to them.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs is a water company in Las Vegas offering a range of products and services to residential and commercial clients. Our services include Planet Ion home delivery, and the supply of water coolers. To learn more about Silver Springs Water and our products/services, to place an order, or to learn more about the importance of water testing please visit our website today.

The Importance of Hydration on Aging in 2017

Eating a balanced diet that is packed full of nutrients is an essential part of senior health. However, the need for keeping well hydrated shouldn’t be overlooked either. Hydration is important for maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, especially as the body ages, and it is integral to good health.

Why Seniors Need Adequate Hydration

There are several factors that make seniors more vulnerable to dehydration:

  • As we get older, the kidneys do not function as well and this affects the way the body regulates fluids.
  • Medications like blood pressure pills, which are commonly taken by elderly people, can also result in dehydration.
  • In seniors, the thirst response mechanism can be impaired so they don’t always recognize their need to drink.
  • A decline in cognitive function is a further reason why some seniors can get dehydrated.


Hydration on Aging in 2017 ; Hot Weather

Keeping hydrated in the hot weather is imperative, especially for seniors with an underlying health condition. Dehydration is one of the main reasons why mortality rates are higher among seniors during a heatwave; make sure a cold drink is always at hand. Another risk factor for dehydration in the summer is the fact that seniors often have an inability to tell if their body temperature is rising.

Improving Hydration Among Seniors

To reduce the chances of dehydration, make water readily available. This could be in the form of a ready filtered jug to reduce impurities, or you could buy bottled water. If you want to make sure there is always an ample supply of bottled water, use a delivery service; this is beneficial for older adults who might not be able to get to the store on a regular basis.

Remember to include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet as they are naturally high in water and check that older relatives have easy access to teas and fruit teas, which all count towards fluid intake. However, limit caffeine as this can cause dehydration. If an elderly relative doesn’t like plain water, heavily dilute juice drinks or provide a flavoured water. Finally, encourage them to drink little and often so fluid intake is kept at optimum levels during the day.


The above tips should give you some ideas to improve hydration among seniors. Try a few ideas to optimize fluid intake so you can establish which ones work the best. Finally, make sure you are aware of symptoms like headaches or fatigue, which could indicate dehydration.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs is a water company in San Diego that provides Planet Ion home delivery services, water coolers and equipment. We deliver chemical-free water direct to your home/premises, on a no contract basis. If you have concerns over the water purity in your area, consider using our water testing products.

The Benefits Of Giving Your Pets Alkaline Water

Plenty of consumers steer clear of tap water because of impurities or the chlorine taste but we don’t usually think twice about giving it to our pets. However, if you want a simple way of boosting their well-being it might be as easy as feeding your pet a healthier alternative to regular water. By giving them bottled alkaline water, you are reducing your pet’s exposure to heavy metals and chlorine, and there are other potential advantages too.

The Potential Benefits Of Alkaline Water For Pets

Although there have been some studies, there isn’t a lot of scientific evidence regarding the benefits of alkaline water for pets, but there is plenty of anecdotal evidence. Pet owners often comment on the improved condition of their pet’s fur and skin, which might be helpful in conditions like eczema, while others feel that their pets are more alert and energetic. There are possible health benefits as well, with some pet owners noting an improvement in common joint problems like arthritis. An alkaline diet is also thought to improve gastrointestinal well-being.

Feeding Your Pets Alkaline Water

Allow at least an hour after eating before giving your pet alkaline water. Also, if your pet is on medication this should not be given at the same time as feeding them ionized water. As a precaution, it is advisable to speak to your veterinarian first before changing your pet’s diet, especially if they have an underlying condition, a problem with urinary crystals or if they’re on medication.

Alkaline Water And Pet Care

Alkaline water can be used as part of general pet care. Some pet groomers extol the potential benefits of washing animals in ionised water as they say it results in a healthier coat. Alkaline water is also said to have a soothing effect if your pet is suffering from a skin condition. Another suggested use is bathing superficial cuts and scratches, but don’t try and manage an infection with alkaline water and don’t apply it to open wounds without getting advice first.


There’s been plenty written about the advantages of alkaline water. However, there is an ongoing debate as to whether it can promote animal health; many pet owners feel that it does. If you’re not sure if alkaline water is right for your pet, speak to your veterinarian first before changing their diet.

Why Silver Springs Water?

Silver Springs is a water company in Las Vegas offering a range of products and services to residential and commercial clients. Our services include Planet Ion home delivery, and the supply of water coolers. To learn more about Silver Springs Water and our products/services, to place an order, or to learn more about the importance of water testing please visit our website today.