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Everyone says that water does the body good, so it seems like drinking water all the time would be a good idea. However, purchasing water in bottles at the grocery store can get to be expensive and you may not even be getting what you pay for. However, if you are living in the Las Vegas, Henderson or surrounding areas, you will never have to worry about buying water in the store again or drinking out of the tap. Silver Springs Water Las Vegas offers bottles of real, 8.5 PH water at prices that are so affordable, you will wonder why you didn’t purchase it before.

Why Silver Springs is a Great Choice for Las Vegas Water Delivery

You will see that Silver Springs water company is the best company to purchase your water through for a plethora of reasons. First and foremost, we offer water that has an 8.5 PH and our water also has negative ions in it, making it so much better for you than typical water. You will notice that you feel much better when you are drinking our water and we are so confident that we will even refund the price of your first order if you’re not completely satisfied. You will see that no other water companies offer this kind of a guarantee, but we are so sure you’ll be happy, that we do.

We offer many different kinds of bottled water and the supplies you will need as well. You will see that we have both three gallon and five gallon jugs of water that can be used with coolers and we also have the coolers that you will need as well. We also have smaller bottles of water that you can pack in lunches or take with you on the go, as well. Additionally, we are happy to offer both paper cups and cone cups as well for use in your home or office.

Get Started with Las Vegas Water Delivery

Getting started with Silver Springs Water is a simple task. All you have to do is set up an account with us to start receiving water. We will deliver to you as often as you need us to, and we are happy to collect the empty jugs as well. You will never have to make a trip to the high end grocery store, like Whole Foods, to purchase Planet Ion ever again if you’re a customer.

If you are serious about getting healthy and drinking more water, don’t waste anymore time in the high end grocery stores or money on purchasing water there. If you’re in the Las Vegas area, give us a call at Silver Springs Water and let us deliver some of our amazing, real, high PH water to you. You will save time and money and we guarantee that you will feel so much better after drinking our water that we even guarantee to refund your first order if you are anything other than satisfied. Don’t be fooled by imitators. Purchase from Silver Springs Las Vegas today!

Negative Ion Water 101: The Truth and the Claims

One of the many health crazes going around today is regarding negative ion water. There are claims that it’s amazing, there are claims that it’s damaging, but what is true?

Types of Negative Ion Water Processing

One of the things people may not understand is there are different processes that can be used to make negative ion water. There are artificially ionized water that is made using chemicals. Adding chemicals of any kind of food or water is not recommended for a healthy lifestyle. The chemicals, especially a white powder made from calcium solutions, can contain toxic metal levels which are obviously not good for your health. However, utilizing a unique E2 technology to create high 8.5pH Planet Ion and add stable negative ions without chemicals, is the industry best practice. This process individualizes the molecules of water to help them properly absorb in your body for maximum hydration.

The Fountain of Youth

There are many claims that negative ion water is like the Fountain of Youth. Drink negative ion water and your skin will be clear and smooth, your eye sight improves, and you’ll never grow old. Your pH levels magically realign themselves and you will just be healthier. While a kernel of truth lies at the heart of these claims, there isn’t a simple magical solution to youth. It is represented by the FDA that drinking oxygenated or ionized water does not change the blood pH level. However,the FDA does not dispute the fact that clean and healthy drinking water is vital to our health. Providing your family with 8.5pH Planet Ion, can change your life!

Negative Ion Water Not Created Equally

Keep in mind, not all negative ion waters are created equally. The stable negative ion in water allows for the easier absorption of water into your body and this is where the health benefit lies.Starting with clean water and putting it through our E2 process is what makes our water different and gives you the benefits of negative ion water. Starting with proper hydration is good practice for any healthy lifestyle!

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