About Silver Springs

Our family run business aims to treat our customers right.  Perhaps that’s why we get so many returning customers.  Our customers know that unexpected emergencies and moving our of the area don’t have to worry about big cancellation fees or contracts.  And remember, we do have a guarantee, you don’t love our water, we will refund you money.  No other company will offer that, so it’s time to get started with a no risk, free trial offer and start living a healthier life style.

The Best Value

Silver Springs Water Company in Las Vegas was Voted “Top 30 Company’s in Las Vegas” by My Vegas Magazine, Silver Springs Water is a unique family style serve that stands alone focused on customer service while providing the healthiest water quenching product to our thousands of customers.

We have the most advanced and newest water treatment filtration at both our Henderson Bottling Plant and our San Diego Bottling Plant. From our High pH (9.0 at the time of bottling) to our standard purified drinking water, a quick look at our products on our website and you’ll find yourself with a variety of additional products and sizes. We do private labeling for many clients and also have a store front for those who don’t wish to have a delivery schedule.

We are happy to offer our customers a professional, yet family style service which many comment how much better our service is compared to their last company they dealt with.  Our driver’s are attentive and will get to know your regular water usage.  If you need change their order frequently, we have invested in new programs that will ensure your service is exactly the way you want it.

The Highest Quality

Source water from Silver Springs Water NV operations are from the City of Henderson Water System and is drawn from Lake Mead supplied by the Colorado River and is within all Feral and State regulations.

Our Technology Sets Us Apart

The Customer Message Center

You will have a delivery schedule given to you when you start service,  but as an added bonus, we offer ‘free of charge’ , your choice of our computer making a voice call, or an email or our most popular offer, a text to your cell the evening before your next delivery.   Why is this so important?  Many customers found this to be a helpful reminder to set out empty bottles

By responding to the email or text,  you can update your delivery for the next day.  If you forgot to pause service and are traveling, don’t worry! A quick and simple reply to our message can skip this delivery so water isn’t sitting outside your door while you’re not home. People enjoy working with us because we are easy to work with. 

Delivery Confirmation Notification

We also offer delivery tickets to our customers, via email after each delivery if they so choose. This is private and no one walking by can pick up a delivery ticket sitting outside your door with the water and perhaps see information about yourself. Our customers love the private emailed tickets.  And when billing, we always want our customers to go green. 

Emailing monthly statements is fast and helps saves our environment. Simply log onto our website after receiving your statement to pay your bill.  We can even set you up for automatic payments via your credit card or checking account. Our special services are endless and no other company offers the same great dedication to ensure you are completely satisfied with us.

Why people love Silver Springs ….

We at Silver Springs Water maintain excellence in our water purification, bottling and delivery to customers.
See our recent certificates below.


I have been incredibly in detail researching and finding the best water for myself in the Las Vegas area and family. Within 1-2 weeks of drinking just this changing over from bottle delivery traditional RO water my skin and hair had completely changed. Noticed by my family immediately! So soft and no more skin dryness/issues! Thank you Planet Ion!
Jaelle J
Las Vegas, Nevada

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